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MANday 39: Sleeves On A Roll

Hellurr….Roll up your sleeves yo! MANday just got served. The day is getting heated up for some of us, but we’re just going to take a chill pill on the post today. I almost didn’t blog but then I remembered a post I put up on Instagram a while ago and I admit, there really is no room to be lazy. Consistency is key. And Lemar just crawled back into my life with this one. I’ve loved this song for a hundred years! Caroline for the BlogFam!

I remembered when I served my country. NYSC was bittersweet but I could never forget my 3 weeks in Camp. I particularly remember my hideous uniform and my many attempts to make it at least 10 degrees stylish. One of such attempts was rolling up my sleeves. The camp commandant caught me one day and almost gave me 30 frog jumps!! Apparently rolling the sleeves is disrespectful to the uniform. So is using a fanciful belt. *sigh*. Well maybe now I understand as I earlier read that in 2011, the Marines were banned from rolling up the shirt sleeves of their combat utility uniform while in garrison.

roll up sleeves

Well since we all aren’t in the army, the rest of us can now roll up our sleeves in peace! Now I don’t think there’s one right way to rolling up your sleeves, but I do believe some ways are cooler than the others. Antonio Centero of would say the 3/4 roll is cooler than the 1/2 roll. I disagree. I think the latter is cooler. Letting your sleeves sit just above your elbow is the definition of ‘dopeness’! Below the elbow is also cool though. Let the pictures do the talking.

roll up sleeves 1

roll up sleeves 2

roll up sleeves 6

Not only does rolling up your sleeves look stylish, it makes practical sense when you need to do some work with your hands. And with the heat gaining momentum by the minute, you’ll be forgiven if you take off your cuff-links and let your sleeves lean back!

roll up sleeves 4

MCM all day!

Tell me though, which roll-up do you think is more stylish? Above the elbow or below the elbow? Which would you be rocking?

Don’t forget to drop a comment below and share the post with friends. Do have a dope week y’all!

*hugs and kisses*

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