#MarriageChronicles 11: To Live In Or Not

Hellurr…Hope your week is going well. Mine has been bittersweet but I hope the sweet part wins at the end of the week. Do you want to live in the truth this morning? Well here it is. I’ve struggled with what to blog about for a few days now. I don’t know what or why. Maybe it’s my writings for HuffingtonPost and other platforms, or something else. I pray God replenish my source of inspiration real quick. Cos all I want really, is to keep doing what I love and having you guys take value home at the end of every post. My companion these past days has been Travis Greene with his fantastically amazing song, Made A Way. I don’t know if I’ve featured it before, but hey, it’s awesome like that.

So today I was reading some articles online and I saw an article addressing the issue of living together before marriage. It basically condemned it and I thought to bring it home. I’m a humble christian and my relationship with God means the world and more to me. I’m far from perfect but this girl is a work in progress so I’m sure you already have an idea which lane I’m going to tow. However, I want to try to see this through the eyes of those who actually live together before marriage, for a minute.

They’ll pretty much do everything that’s usually done in marriage right? Let’s not sugar coat it any further. They most likely than not, will be indulging in pre-marital sex. Then they’ll be so comfortable together, they’ll wonder what the point is in rushing to the altar. The man especially would feel he has all he wants anyway, what’s the point putting a ring on it. Apart from the spiritual arm of this issue, logically, it just doesn’t favour the Nigerian woman. or man. lol.

While a lot of people will condemn sleep overs. I understand that a couple of times, you may need to sleep over at his, as long as nothing against God’s principle happens. Yes I believe it is possible to have such sleep overs and still remain chaste. If you both have decided to wait, then you can wade off all the temptations. It’s all in the mind and about will and of course God’s grace. You may live a distance apart and sleeping over a couple of times is your only way of really bonding, well ok. But to full-out move in together, I’m sure I won’t advise anyone to do it.

What I’m saying in essence really is that you should do what is right within the confines of God’s word and your relationship with Him. I won’t judge those who live in or not. I just strive to say what is right. What do you think though? Now I need you guys to talk back to me. I need to read from y’all so that sweetness can win in my week. You know how much I love to read from you.

Don’t forget to please share. Love y’all.

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

illustration: Peniel Enchill

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