My MET Gala Favorites

Hellurr…so pictures have been flying all over the internet on the MET gala best dressed. I’ve seen the domination of Balmain on the red carpet by the Kardashian family and Beyoncé’s aura sweep the floor, but I’m more interested in the not so popular stars. Among them are some really dope outfits. After all, if the Kardashians and the Carters don’t show up to a party, we’ll still see some nice outfits right? Since we’re not featuring le boo Beyoncé on the best dressed list, let’s hear her play her Blue Ivy tune.

Let’s get straight into it, shall we?

gala best dressed

Gugu Mbatha Raw was simply beautiful in this Gabriela Hearst piece. I like that it seems like she didn’t try too hard. Simplicity is Bae after all.

gala best dressed 1

Ivanka Trump slayed in this Ralph Lauren piece though. Nevermind that some of us don’t like her husband, she served some red-hot chilli on the MET gala red carpet.

gala best dressed 2

Kate Hudson is a slayer all day every day! I totally love this Atelier Versace dress on her. It almost seemed like it was specifically made for her. Hot!

gala best dressed 3

Sienna Miller wore Gucci and though the dress looked a little like it was about to fall off her chest, the dress is really lovely. Good choice for the gala night.

gala best dressed 4

Alessandro Ambrosio rocked a Balmain dress in a simply beautiful way. Without trying to mirror the Kadashian clan, she really nailed it.

gala best dressed 5

Again Balmain walked the red carpet on Cindy Crawford. I wonder why everyone went for a Balmain this year. Lovely dress though.

gala best dressed 6

I’m not a fan of the Kadashians but of all the ladies in that clan, Kendall is the only one I have a bit of respect for, and she didn’t disappoint in this Versace gown. Too much skin though but hey…what can I say..she’s a Jenner.

gala best dressed 7

All hail Blake Lively please!! I literally exhaled when I saw her Burberry outfit. Chic just knows how to turn heads.

gala best dressed 8

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looked radiantly beautiful in this Ralph Lauren outfit. This was another MET gala hit.

gala best dressed 9

And finally, Naomi Watts in Burberry. Oh la la! Hot or what??

Hope you enjoyed my ‘under dog’ list. I really loved the Beyonce’s  Zoe Zaldana dresses but for today, I thought to shift focus to the other beautifully dressed stars. Which is your favorite look?

Don’t forget to drop a comment below.

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better.


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