Weekend Turn Up With Hans X Rene

Hellurr….turn up, it’s Friday!! Without stating the obvious, the weekend is around the corner and with it the relief and excitement that comes with the no-work-zone. That’s for the most of us who actually don’t take work into the weekend. If any song describes how I feel towards the weekend, it’ll be this Castle song I heard from The Huntsman. Been listening since I saw the movie. Lovely by the way.

So I’ve always heard about Hans and Rene and their signature flavours. I heard friends drool over the Agbalumo flavour and I decided I had to review for myself. I kept postponing the said day as work won’t let me be great. Well finally I got around to going there with a couple of friends. Remember the guys I told you I met on the #30dayChallengeGroup? Yes them.

turn up with hans and rene

We planned to hangout since we hadn’t done that in a while and Hans and Rene was the perfect spot. I asked for the legendary Agbalumo piece but sadly they didn’t have it. The next best thing according to them, was the Mangolumo. I hope I got it right. It basically is a mix of the mango and the Agbalumo fruit.

turn up in Hans and Rene

My friend had his with a croissant

turn up with hans and rene

turn up with hans and rene

I thought it was cool. I had mine with a muffin and I enjoyed it. I even took a second cup! Lol. Don’t judge me, it was my cheat day. However I felt it was a bit expensive. Each scope was about #1000. I had two scoops in a sitting and I didn’t have toppings. My meal, ice cream and muffin, cost me #3500. Yea.

turn up with hans and rene

turn up with hans and rene

I guess they have their target audience and are doing well. The ambiance was okay as I had the liberty to laugh and make noise with my friends. If you’re wondering which one I went to, it’s the one at Radisson Blu, off Ozumba Mbadiwe road. It’s a great spot to hang out with friends, for when you’re looking for where to turn up this weekend.

Have you been to Hans and Rene? How was your experience? Do share!!

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

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