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MANday 40: How To Wear Your Cologne

Hellurr…it’s a new day, it’s a new week, it’s a new chance and we’re feeling good! Hope you had a dope weekend? I think I did, in the midst of the variety of cologne that filled my space. Last Saturday was #Chobs16 and my nostrils will never forget the scent in a hurry. Now you know how this post was inspired. Another source of inspiration this lovely MANday is this fun and amazing piece from Justin Timbalake. Can’s stop the feeling! Please enjoy.

I’ve always loved scents, especially the wooden or floral cologne. A man wearing a good cologne, exudes a confidence that’s almost unmatched by one who isn’t, no matter how wealthy. However some don’t wear it right. Have you ever walked into a room and felt choked by the cologne of just one person? In a bid to create a good impression, don’t go bathing with your cologne. You just may put us all off. Luckily I found a few tricks to wearing your cologne right. Your expensive eau de parfum or eau de toilette must not waste.

  1. Pay attention to the strength of your perfume- Varying products have varying potency so you should be sure which one you’re getting and that should guide how you spray. Parfum is the strongest with about 20% concentration and lasts up to 8 hours. Minimal is key with these. Eau de toilette is next with about 15% concentration. 2 or 3 sprays a day will give a bold yet subtle feel and will last you the entire day. Cologne is the  softest with about 5% concentration. You’ll have to spray 4 or 5 times a day to achieve the long-lasting feel. So pay attention to your bottle and use accordingly.
  2. Do not bathe with your cologne- I know a man whose presence is announced from almost a mile away by his perfume. I don’t need to be told he’s in the building, it’s that bad. That could put some people away especially when it’s a really strong scent. From the information in tip 1, avoid soaking yourself in your perfume before leaving home. Don’t forget people could have allergies so be stylishly careful. The secret is to be discovered, not announced.
  3. Apply correctly- I used to spray my parfum in the air and then let it settle on me, or walk into it. Raise your hand if you do that as well! lol. That’s wrong. Now I spray directly to my skin which is the right way. Target your pulse points, bare chest, insides of your wrist (don’t rub them together, let it sink in), behind your ears. I learnt that fragrances are intensified by body heat and heat is a bit more at these pulse points, especially when you step out of the shower. So don’t waste your cologne, spray them correctly for the most effect.
  4. Choose your scent- A lot of us go with anything really. Men either rely on their wives or girlfriends to gift it to them or use anything that smells nice. While that is cool, you need to know what you’re most comfortable with. Sample different scents and know which goes with your personal style. It may look flimsy, but it’s actually a cool way of building a strong identity.

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Now you know these little tricks, which have you been indulging? Which mistakes have you been making? You know how I love to read from you. So don’t forget to drop a comment!

Do have a lovely week.

*hugs and kisses*

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