Friends That Matter

Hellurr.. I must be more excited than you are over this post. Pardon me, when I think about my friends, I’m incredibly awed and grateful to God for blessing me so. How has your week been though? I hope you checked off all the items on your list this week. If not, let’s cruise on some old school while you get to work out a plan to get what’s left on the list done in the next few days of the week. Ocean drive by Lighthouse Family for the Fam!

So my friend Laiza came into town and it was a breath of fresh air. It was mandatory that we hung out last Sunday. She’s the founder of the amazing website, and Chic is fierce. My new and beautiful friend Mel joined us too for the lunch and like girls, we talked and laughed like there was no tomorrow. She runs a blog at and it’s laced with all sort of style goodies. You should totally check these blogs out! Her kind boyfriend got to do this impromptu shoot for us and it turned out lovely!


My excitement about friends, especially mine, is that I get to learn a lot from them. Sometimes I feel selfish that I don’t give as much as I gain from them and I’m working hard to create a balance. If you are not yet blessed with friends that push and milk the gold out of you, then it’s not too late to start. Don’t think it’s manipulative, no it’s not. We pick our friends. I’m not saying go into a relationship or friendship only thinking of how much you can gain from the person, but go knowing that you would give all of yourself being a damn good friend. And believe me, you’ll get great friends in return. Sometimes we get burnt and not get as much as we give, but don’t let that stop you. Be who you are, ask God to direct your steps to friends that will appreciate your identity and invest in some way, in your growth. Friendship is a deliberate commitment, just like marriage. So take it seriously.

friends 1

friends 3

friends 4

Mel, Laiza and I

We hung out like usual. I wish we could do the hard rock cafe, or nice restaurants but mehnn, in this austerity times, pizza and a drink will have to do! Hahaha. But really the important thing was the company, not the place or food. While I’ll leave you to guess what Laiza and Mel wore, I’m sure you already are familiar with my outfit. I wore it in this style post, but I styled it differently here.

friends 5

Hellurr to the gentleman in the corner!

I chose to have a laid back look and paired this lovely Iro and Buba with my Gaf sandals and little accessories. Which look do you prefer? The look in the former post or this one? I hope this inspires a look for you this weekend.


Did I mention? is doing some massive giveaway this month! There’s something to be won everyday for the month of July. It’s not too late to join in! Check the website or IG handle (@stylvo_) for more information.

friends 8

Hope you had a lovely read. Don’t forget to share and comment. Have a lovely weekend guys!

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

Buba and Iro: Edenclaire Company

Accessories: Edenclaire Company

Watch: Micheal Kors

Sandals: Gaf Sandals


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