#MarriageChronicle 12: A Single Lady’s Mindset

Hellurr…hope your day is going well. Yes I’m back to posting as often as I usually do, or at least I’m trying. So help me God. It’s #MarriageChronicles day and as a single or not-yet-married girl, I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to write about but I’ll just go with the flow.  But before we delve in, some Pillow Talk by Zayn.

Who’s excited about The Wilson’s? I am!! I’ve always loved Ciara, since the days I used to watch her and learn dance moves from her, and knowing she’s married to a good man is such a relief! Contrary to popular comments, I’m so filled with respect for the young man. To have a man love and respect you the way he does Ciara is pretty much every girl’s desire (even the feminists among us).

I got thinking on what the single girl’s thought towards marriage should be lately and I realized that while there are no short cuts, some things ought to be standard. I won’t list out 3 steps or 5 secrets or 7 rules like the authors do, we’ll just talk. I think one of the things God has blessed me with is a teachable heart. I used to take it for granted in others but I really respect and thank God for those who are humble enough to learn even if their ego will be bruised. I had such learning experiences lately. I kinda always have them.

I was listening to a message from Myles Munroe, God rest his dear soul, and it was amazing the things I learnt which I earlier thought I knew. Thanks to girlfriend Ukay who recommended. Do I need to mention that marriage is hard work. We ladies make the mistake of thinking once married then we have arrived, the work is done. Interestingly, the work just begins. I’ve been privileged to speak to women who have been in the game for over 10 years and I’ll tell you for free, it’s no walk in the park. While it’s a beautiful thing, it takes deliberate efforts to keep it beautiful.

I believe most of our mindsets should metamorphose into one of learning, innovation, intense nurturing and complete dependence on God. The list grows as we grow in the process but learning really is key. To cook, to love, to trust, to depend on and still be somewhat independent, to make smart financial decisions, to take care of a home, it goes on and on. But the most important in my opinion is the heart to learn and the eagerness to compromise when the need arises.

Why do I feel like I have just talked to myself alone? I hope I made a bit of sense with my early morning ramblings though. I really hope so.

Please share what you think the single lady’s mindset should be in preparation for this seemingly huge step. We all would love to learn!

Do have a lovely Thursday!

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

Illustration: Peniel Enchill

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