Black Is The Colour Of The Night

Hellurr…long time isn’t it? I’ve actually stopped counting the several days I don’t blog in here. It feels black and shamefully too long, but it’s alright. We’re pressing forward to a time when it’ll be way shorter. Time just flies by so fast, before you know it, you realize you’ve done less and less of what you actually love to do. Rat race they call it. Anyway, some musical booze for the road. I miss this song… I am what you see.

black style

Strange title for today yes? It’s supposed to be a style post but who says I can’t write on something else while letting the images speak in stylish tongues. You know, I always say writing calms a lot of storms. Maybe just mine but it does. Believe me or not, I’m writing under dark night skies. Though I’m sure you’ll read this at a different time, my message is same. After black comes white.

I met a young man yesterday at work. A seemingly simple man. It was funny how the conversation started. I’ve been managing a particularly daunting project for the past 3 months and it was just about to wrap up. Need I mention, I like my job, however stressful. Yesterday was the eve to the grand finale and as usual, I had to make sure everything was just right for the D-day. But everything wasn’t right. Months of recorded videos were missing, my team mates were tired and leaving, my boss needed great results and my clients would not hear any excuse. I wasn’t about to give any though. But for some reason I was calm and unfazed. It almost felt like I couldn’t be bothered because one could say the storm that was brewing wasn’t touching me. Or so it seemed.

But what was underneath the surface was a quiet resolve to see beyond the black. Beyond that very moment in time. You see, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks for me and really nothing else could go wrong. Stress, hurt, disappointment and tears don’t make a great meal at all and that’s pretty much what I’ve fed on. So yesterday, my cup was running over and all I could literally do was hold still. And this gentleman was watching me. ‘How come you’re still calm?’ he asked, with this funny yet confused look. I smiled and said ‘luckily I see a bigger picture, and this black patch will soon fade into a cute white light’. I thought to myself, If it’s black, then it’s night-time, and if it’s night, then morning is coming. Definitely.

He listened to the few ways I handle anger or pressure and hopefully learnt a thing or two. Now I think of it, I’m surprised I got to talk for as long as I did. Healthy distraction I guess. But this isn’t a black blog story. It’s actually a pretty white one. The D-Day came and was even better than I had imagined.  God is just ‘bad-ass’ like that. So it was a good thing I didn’t let the storm get to my core. If it did, maybe I wouldn’t have seen or enjoyed the wonder of the ‘white calm’ when it finally came. It kinda taught me something. Where there is black, there’s also a healthy dose of white ahead. And no matter how much black is thrown on me, I have been blessed with the grace to wear it beautifully well. I mean, check out this black outfit and how I rocked it. It’s by Adey Soile and was gifted to me on my last birthday. I wore it some time ago here, but today it’s different and I kinda appreciate it a little better.

black style 1

black style 2

black style 3

black style

I hope you too learn to appreciate the blacks in your wardrobe. And know that no matter how much is thrown at you, don’t hate, don’t drown in anger, don’t explode. Hold it together and wear it like the princess you are. Scream into a pillow or in your bathroom (Lol) and patiently wait for the white. Because morning is coming, and it has to find you ready.

black style 4

I hope you appreciate my many metaphors and have yourselves a beautiful weekend!

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better.

Outfit- Adey Soile

Accessories- Micheal Kors

Shoes- Gbemisoke Shoes

Makeup- Oluchi Onuigbo

Photo Credit- Ayo Nikon

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