2017: A Year Of Incredible Happiness

Hellurrr…it’s just a few hours to the end of the year and I can see 2017 from where I stand!! How excited are you? How grateful are you? Like I don’t have the words to describe the happiness now, imma let you know when I do! For that certain someone to whom my heart belongs, this is for you! Certain things by James Arthur.

A lot happened this year. Like a lot. I was doing an exercise with my friend where I had to lay down every baggage on my heart so I don’t take unnecessary things into 2017 and it was incredible the things that I’ve survived. It was a taking-stock moment and I couldn’t help the tears that welled up in my eyes from sincere deep-seated gratitude. God has been awesome. As always.

2016 was a great year. However bittersweet, I achieved somethings I set out to do. We blogged, we did #WritersForProfit, I got a car, I excelled in my business, I got promoted at work, I got a couple of fireballs at work too, I survived a heartbreak, I made new amazing friends, my family saw visible growth… The list may keep me here all day! But in all this, I am indeed grateful.

choose happiness this 2017

Do I wish it was better, yes I do. But that’s for 2017 to conquer. At my 2017 strategy session with friends, we laid down our goals alright, but what was obvious was our quest for happiness. The years are flying by so fast that we’re hardly enjoying every moment in the midst of our rat race to success. Choose to enjoy the moments this new year!

My friend lost her elder brother on Christmas Day and though I didn’t know him much, I knew her well and I felt like it was my loss too. He was a fine young man in his very early thirties. Such a colossal loss and I sincerely pray God rests his soul and gives his family strength to bear this now and always. And on my road trips I couldn’t help but wonder if they maximized every moment that they shared. Did they hug when they needed to, did they cry when they wanted, did they say I love you as often as they felt it.? Sigh…I shield a lot of my emotions because of a deep-seated fear of being hurt or hurting someone. Laughter, joy, pain, anger, love, I feel them all. But I don’t show it as much as I should. It’s my bane. But that ends with 2016. Yay! I’ve made the decision to truly LIVE and not be ruled by fear and the intense need to control everything. *One Republic’s I Lived playing in the background*. Lol. Really though, we can’t take back any second that goes by. That’s the annoying thing about time! Lol. So we’re going to be careful not to waste time being afraid. Pain will come anyway, so we ‘gon’ take it and still be happy.

For some reason, I really need you to share the pledge with me to be truly happy going forward. As cliché as it sounds, live is short. So at the end of it all, let it be said that we truly lived while we were here. Do the things that make you happy, say I love you to the person you truly love and even if you don’t get that much love back, say it because it makes you happy! Travel the world, give as much as you can, listen to your friends and share in their joys and pains, forgive those who have wronged you, build back bridges where they have burnt down. Just be happy!

Whatever we do come 2017, I really hope it’s driven by happiness. Let God do the ‘worrying’ part. He knows the end from the beginning anyway so let’s trust him. In 2017, let faith lead the way to a room filled with colours of happiness.

choose happiness 2017

               A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose. Choose Happiness

You know I wish you all the best! But above all, I wish you a year filled with more happiness than your heart can carry! Thank you so much for being a part of my 2016! Let’s take 2017 by storm!

You make me happy and I truly love you.

Happy new year Fam!!

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

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