Monday Pills: All Ado About Growth

Hellurr…you would say this is such a different turn from our MANday series yes? I know! Well, what is life without some growth and graceful changes. While I’m not saying bye to men style tips, I’m saying we’ll meet again soon in grand style. I’m still head over heels in love with all things men fashion though. That hasn’t changed. Same with my intense love for this song, Rise Up by Andra Day.

While 2017 is gaining momentum, I’m growing deeply aware of my resolve to add value to myself, my community and just be happy. Nothing else makes any sense to me. And that’s majorly why Monday Pills was born. Every Monday we’ll be taking special value pills to get us high into the week and deliver some level of growth to our core. It could come in as many diverse forms as possible; Videos, e-books, articles, interviews, any and everything that has added value to me, I’ll pass on to you. That makes sense right?

Well this week I came across this article and I was warmly pleased by it. Another low-key (I recently learnt this term from my cousin resolve I made this year was to read as much as I can. While reading his words I was reminded how important it is to always stay ready. Like always. Sadly some of us are without jobs this new year and that’s the sad reality of things. However, I’m positive that it is temporary and while you wait, you can employ some of Eric’s tricks. Opportunities are bound to come, but the real question really is will you be ready?

If you’re like me and struggle a bit with the time to read books, then you should totally get the OkadaBooks app. Stumbled across it some days ago and I’m stoked at the idea. You can get it on your app store and read your books on the go. I just downloaded mine and can’t wait to share my best finds next Monday. You should get it too so we can all share! Can you tell I’m excited?

growth monday pills

Now if you haven’t yet heard the sensation called TheDelphinatorTV, I’m almost tempted to send you to a Ghanaian jail with that presidential speech writer! Lool. Oh mercy just said no. This is one pill you’ll have fun swallowing this chilled Monday morning. I’m all about growth to our indigenous products, including film, and TheDelphinatorTV embodies that beautifully well. She shares deep insights, fun and quirky reviews and what-have-you’s on all things African film. You should totally check out her channel here and you’ll be just as impressed as I am. You could even stand a chance to win some movie tickets! can’t have too many pills on a Monday so I’ll just keep the other ones till next week.

Do have a beautiful and fantastic week ahead!

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better



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