Monday Pills: What are you soaking in?

Hellurr….another week, another giant to kill right? What are you soaking in though? I’m positively excited about this new week. Like there’s anything like negatively excited. Loool. But really, last night and into this morning, this question weighed heavy on my mind. Like what am I really soaking in this 2017? Just before I flesh out my thought, One Republic just served this one, Future Looks Good. This one makes me laugh out loud, literally.

So back to the question I started with. What are you soaking in? What’s on your plate and please don’t say ‘garri’..hahaha. While I’m totally sold out on the fact that what you take in doesn’t defile you, only what comes out of you, I’m also very very aware that what you let in, forms a stain on the very fabric of your being. Now you decide if you only want good stains or naa.

I started this book again, Purpose driven life and though I’ve read it more times than I can remember, I can almost bet that fresh insight will come out of this next reading. Now if you’re not sure what to soak in these first few weeks of the year, then you can join me in reading this book! A chapter a day will mean we’ll be soaking this ‘garri’ for the next 40 days. Who’s with me?

Remember how I’m all deliberate about happiness and self-development this year? Oh yes, that’s what inspired this move and I hope we do this together. 2017 has to go down as the year you soaked in all sorts of mind building, character enhancing, value impacting ‘struvs’. If you have to read, read; if you have to listen, then listen. But please by all means, soak it all in. The more you soak, the more you rise. *wink*

Meanwhile have you subscribed to the blog? There’s some giveaway coming up in a few weeks and only those on my mailing list will be eligible to soak that one in! Oya please gaan subscribe.

On a lighter note, if you haven’t seen last week’s edition of #TheDelphinatorTV, well you should! She gave some fun and quirky juice on the movie Collateral Beauty. You’ll be glad you saw this one. Oh you’re welcome.

And that’s enough pill to swallow today, till next week, hope you find time to be better and be happier.

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

Photography: ChubbCleff….for the gals dem! 🙂


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