Style Crush Wednesday: A Paola Mathe Feature

Hellurr…hot Wednesday yes? Phew and it doesn’t help that I’m currently wearing a knitted sweat shirt. Just so I can be someone’s style crush here at the office. Lol. I won’t mind a really cold shower. I mean if someone poured a bowl of iced water on me accidentally, I may be upset, but I’ll be low-key enjoying the wetness..hahaha..I’m kidding. Well we can cool ourselves with this amazing sensation, Andra Day. Still can’t get enough of the Adele/Rihanna mix of an artiste. Truly refreshing!

style crush finding poala
So if you’ve been following the blog these past months then you’ll be familiar with our style crush series. Though in the spirit of change, we’ve made it a lot more frequent than the erstwhile once a month. This will now be coming to you weekly. Yay! I’ll basically feature bloggers and stylists whose style amaze and tickle me somehow. Today we’re finding Paola! Literally her blog, titled same, blows me away every time. Her instagram feed is an exciting burst of amazing colours! I always smile every time I get on there. And men do I get inspired or what?

Her style as you’ll see is not in any way similar to mine, I think she’s way bolder with her colours and that’s just what I love. Honestly sometimes I wish I was that bold! Lol. She has a head wrap line called Fanmdjanm which for some reason always reminds me of pineapples! Oh how I love that fruit! If I was a head wrap junkie, I would totally be sky-high on her brand. You should totally take a look.

Can you relate to her style? Tell me which one calls out to you the most!

I love Paola Mathe and she’s our Shugah Style Crush!

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

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