Style Crush Wednesday: Dodos Uvieghara

Hellurrr…her name Dodos, always reminds me of ripe yellow plantain stripes and happy smiles and our crush today doesn’t disappoint at all. I’ve met her a few times and I’m simply in awe of her glow, simple yet bold style and smile. Welcome to Style Crush Wednesday people! Meet Dodos Uvieghara. Just before you shake hands, a little tune from George Ezra to keep the room snazzyyy.

So the first time I stumbled on this beauty, she was giving make up tutorials on her YouTube channel and I was so eager to learn a thing or two. I’m not so big on personal makeup. Don’t get me wrong I wish I could nail the Genevieve Nnaji look but most times, all the time I don’t, so I just resort to simple almost natural looks or go to a makeup artiste when I need to slay extra extra at an event! Lol. What a shame. And that’s why I was so impressed with her channel! And then when I found out about her blog,, trust me to go digging! I loved the very bold and sassy aura she exudes with each style treat she dishes. Too classy!

She’s made a fine name for herself with her makeup studio and I couldn’t be more pleased with her for achieving such feat at such young age. I’ve followed her masterclass and though I couldn’t attend the last one because it kinda clashed with my WritersForProfit event, I’m almost too sure I’ll be at the next one.

dodos stylecrush

dodos style crush

dodos style crush

dodos style crush

Oh have you seen the style lookbook she shot late last year? Too cute! Dodos hunnay, let’s do a ‘collabo’ real soon shall we? Hehehe.

And there you have it. Your style crush for the day! Who is your style crush? Hit me up in the comment section below! You know just how much I love to read from you. I’ll be waiting!

Enjoy the rest of your week lovelies!

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

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