Monday Pills: Talent Is Never Enough

Hellurr… new week, new goals and new ways to conquer old demons right? Also time to pull your talent out in a different kinda way this new week. But before we get into all that, how was your weekend? I had a beautiful one filled with work and the people I love. Though the movie I saw last night, Collateral Beauty got me all teary and all, it was a happy weekend. Hope you had smiles plastered on your face all through as well. For more smiles, let’s nod along to Izycs’ celebration. Love this tune.

So I came across this dialogue in a movie, Christmas Eve, and it was a huge pill for me to swallow then, I hope it’s same for you and provokes some growth within you.

Everything that has ever occurred..Everything that ever will occur,

  Is subject to laws that are knowable.

And with enough of that knowledge, YOU can literally understand everything!

And to live in recognition of that gulf..

Between what is knowable, which is everything…And what we actually know, which is almost nothing..

Well, that’s more than sad.

It’s the Ultimate Human Tragedy.

I thought it was sad to think that we mostly don’t know much and are not trying to change that. We rely so much on talent and forget that even that needs some watering and nurturing to grow into something we can actually use in this present age. Ask the guys who were given talents by their masters in Matthew, you’ll agree that talent is simply not enough.

I started reading a book I stole borrowed from my dad, Talent Is Not Enough by John Maxwell and it’s been a soothing yet challenging experience. I must confess though, sometimes I’m tempted to think I can move a mountain with my gifts. Oh yes I can. But there are alotta mountains out there and I definitely need to add some muscles to the talent to move them all. Now muscle in this case would mean getting the right weapon to add to what you already have to win this war. I’m sure I’ll share some reviews when I’m done, but you should totally read the book for yourself. It’s a healthy pill I promise.


Another pill would be another edition of #TheDelphinatorTV! Another episode is out and honestly, I loved this more than the former ones…hehe.. You won’t understand till you watch! Don’t forget to subscribe as well.

That’s all the pill I’ll share today so we don’t have an overdose…hahaha…

Oh have you read the book before? Please share your reviews! I’ll totally love to read from you too.

Do have a fantastic week!

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

PhotoCredit: Del

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