Monday Pills: Running While Standing Still

Hellurr…. these are happy feet running into a new week! Ain’t you just grateful? I’m indeed grateful and with the gratitude comes a truth that I stopped running from. If you watch my Instagram stories, you’d know I promised to talk about a chord this song strikes anytime I listen to it. You should listen too. Runnin by Naughty Boy featuring Bee.

You know how some people run away from some truths about themselves? Oh I know it all too well. The fear of not being who you’ve planned to be, the fear of disappointing those you care about, the fear of being vulnerable and showing your flaws just keeps some young people on a continuous race. Funny thing is you may think you’re running, but you’re simply stuck on a spot and not growing. Treadmill kinda race. It’s exhausting!

I’ve never really been a fan of change. Oh I do welcome it, because I recognize that growth can only come on the wings of change. But I would have spent some time fighting some demons before I let the change in. And when it does, I’m like, girl why have you been running?


Sometimes we are our hardest critic and in some cases, it does more harm than good. We are our own judge and jury and while it gives room for some growth, sometimes it stunts it. I was studying last night and I came across Timothy 1:15. It came with a fresh wave of a whole new meaning. Christ came for the worst of us, and in so doing, used the very worst to do the very best! Think of Paul. And it hit me, why are you running from your flawed self? Why are you judging yourself and even others around you when He clearly is planning to do great work through you imperfect mortals? Oh it hit me well!

I guess my point this morning is to tell you just as much as I’m telling me, stop running. We’re pretty much on the same spot, exhausting so much energy and getting no work done. You are who you are and you’re not a surprise to God. He knows. However be ready to grow because he definitely will not leave you on the same spot. I felt so much relief learning this earlier in the year. So much, you have no idea.

Now what this means is that some people may not get it. You may lose some but don’t lose yourself. When you’ve accepted who you are and stopped running, some may not accept you and that’s ok! You are not made for everyone! Your pack will find you and stick with you so well you’ll be wondering, ‘err why are y’all still with me?’ I know that feeling…hehehe. The same way you stop judging yourself and learn to be you, stop judging others and let them be them. It’s a pretty tough world out here. Phew!

Does it feel like this Monday pill is too huge to swallow? Well let’s do it together. Break it in bits and we ‘gon’ be alright!

I hope you do have a fantastic week ahead.

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

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