Monday Pill: Find The Eye Of The Storm

eye of the storm

Hellurr….some of us are stepping into the new week with one eye open but hey, happy new week! The month of March I pray, will feel better than the previous months for us. In case you’re having a tough time adjusting to work this pretty Monday morning, here’s Justin Timberlake to open up your second eye!

I had quite an eventful weekend. From travelling miles to make my hair, to having an accident, to attending the AMVCA, to having a wardrobe malfunction at the event, to having my rent increased and then going broke this early in the year! Hahahaha! Holy Lord. Please tell me you had a better weekend!

This was one weekend I would never forget in a long time, especially the part where I was involved in an accident. Keep calm fam, I’m fine. Thank God it wasn’t so serious and all that the devil could inflict was a flesh wound. But men, was I ruffled or what?

eye in the storm

But in the middle of it all, I found grace to trace the eye of the storm and stay calm. I must admit, I was edging towards flipping the handle. Yes I wore a frown for a while but there’s something about the eye of the storm. Honey that’s where you find peace, that’s where you know that this too will surely pass, that’s where you realize the storm isn’t always all that it is, and that there are lessons to be learnt when you stay still. Friends, that’s where God is!

Oh I know all too well how tempted we are ALL the time to think that we’re in the storm all by ourselves. But na, find the eye, and you’ll be pleased to know that you’re not alone. *cues,Micheal Jackson’s you are not alone*. Lol! Honestly folks, God is sitting right there, let him take the wheel.

Was this Monday’s pill hard to swallow? Well find the eye, sit awhile and listen to the quiet around you. It’ll be easier to swallow then! *wink*. Here’s hoping that you have a storm-free week, and even if you have storms, I hope you have the courage to find the eye.

Have a blessed week Fam!!

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better.

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