Monday Pills: Listen To The Unspoken


Hellurr….yes I know the song you’re expecting me to tag here is Beyoncé’s listen and you’re right. After the weekend I’ve had, I could do with less talk and more listening. But before we go on to ‘listen’ to the written words in this article, well let’s indulge a little with Queen Bey.

Indeed it’s Monday and though this is coming a little late in the day, I do hope you appreciate this little pill-the priceless art of listening. Admittedly, I was forced into mastering this art due to some self-esteem issues I had to deal with as a teenager. Because I wasn’t confident in most of the things I had to say, I listened thrice as much as I talked, and maybe wrote twice as much. Lol. Now almost a decade after, I’m thankful I started learning that early enough.

In communicating effectively, it’s incredibly important to know when words should be spoken or withheld. It’s equally important to know when others are speaking with no words. A high dose of emotional intelligence is needed to go with this pill of listening such that in the end, we are better at conflict resolutions and self or people management even in the workplace. I’ve lost count of the things my intuition birthed because I listened to unspoken words.

Sometimes, before we jump into massaging our ego by exposing those oh-so-intelligent opinions, take a few extra seconds to listen. Both to the spoken and unspoken. Realize that we deal with creatures of emotions and not creatures of logic so as not to lose the many words that ride on sound waves we can’t hear.

Too deep yet? I’ll pause and let you listen to the ones I’m not writing yet. Lol. I hope you find the courage to be all you can be and more this week.

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

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