The Phenomena Called Women

strong women

Hellurr…Happy international women’s day! I feel really proud to be called among the phenomena called women. Really proud. Though today makes me feel a little sober, I still indeed am proud. The song playing in my head is ‘Put That Woman First’ by Jahiel. We might as well listen.

women day

women day

women day

Yes the AMVCA’s was a few days ago and I saw a beautiful array of stylish ladies. Those genuinely happy, those hiding their pain behind a smile, those unashamed in showing their pain, those proudly hanging on to their handsome men, I saw them all. And I was proud, not just of their style, but of their resolve to wear their crown as women with grace.

Being a woman is work! Yes so is being a man, but today, it’s the women we’re celebrating and I’m a woman so forgive the bias. I grew up admiring a woman who despite the domestic abuse she was exposed to, came out every day, with a smile on her face to cater to her children and her business. No matter where the bruises may have been, she covered then well with grace. She is my mother.

I learnt the values I now gracefully embody (thanks to God) from strong women like her, Mrs Odijie (God bless her soul), Ibukun Awosika, Tara Durotoye, Mrs Okobah and many others who unknowingly exuded and still exude them. Their resolve to be strong and raise strong women cheers me on. Not to mention my countless friends who in their very special way, inspire me.

women day

eye in the storm

women day

Yes, this is a style post, but it’s also a celebration of those who answered the call to being a woman even when they had no choice. So yes, I saw a lot of styles I admired on the red carpet last weekend, I also saw a lot of beautifully strong women.

May we be them, and gather the courage to raise them.

Happy international women’s day Fam.

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

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