The Power Of Food In Uniting Africa

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Hellurr…yes I can eat for Africa. But do I? No! I think about what that extra plate of ribs or eba and ogbono will do to my waist line and I’m like naa satan, not today! haha. Pardon my manners, how has your week been? Trust great! For those watching big brother Naija, you should be familiar with Debbie Rise. Well I do love her song. I’ve played it all week. Enjoy and support a sister.

Now back to food! I was privileged to be at a luncheon for bloggers hosted by African Young Chefs and boy was I inspired by what they plan to do with food in Africa come May! The AYCC competition is going to be all shades of LIT. I had a chat with the founder, Culinary Academy (the first of its kind in Nigeria!) Chef Tiyan Alile and listened to her talk about her hopes and dreams for the African cuisine and I was humbled. Who said it’s a crime to dream big?




Having traveled the world, schooled at the prestigious L’academie de cuisine in France, her goal is primarily to impact knowledge on the younger generation and create a network of self-aware and skilled chefs across Africa. While the winner in this competition will cart huge cash prizes away, the real win in all of these will be the success in putting Africa, her chefs and her food on the world food map! Now that’s exciting!

AYCC 2017 is scheduled to launch on the 4th of May and I can’t keep calm! The host, IK, was equally stoked about the thought of a bunch of 18-29 year olds battling for the crown and showing off African  and intercontinental dishes as well as their skill to the world.


After the plenty talk, and it was indeed amazing, we got to the main business of the day, FOOD!! Chef Tiyan of course did not disappoint. Before me sat carrot pilaf and beef stir fry, coconut macaroons and mince chicken balls. Oh boy. Let no man deceive you, there is food, and there is food made by a chef! There’s a huge difference. I can’t imagine what the competition is going to serve us.


If you’re a chef and you are sure you can give other chefs around Africa a tough game, you should totally sign up! More details can be found on

I guess after all this talk about food, you’ll be ordering yourself a healthy plate soon. Eat for two..just today. Do have a lovely weekend!

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

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