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Style Crush Wednesday: Fashion By Daisy

Hellurrr…how are you all doing?? It almost feels like a rare occurrence blogging these days, like seeing a daisy in Awka. Lol. Yes it’s solely my fault, I know. And believe me when I say I’m on the journey to getting better at this. It’s not easy yes, but excuse is not an option! So let’s dig in! In the mean time, can we just wag our ‘tail’ to some great tunes from Bruno Mars, That what I like.

daisy-fashion 5

It’s Wednesday and as usual, we crush! I’m a simple person so it’s almost expected that I’ll be attracted to the simple fashionistas. Maryam is one of them. Maryam Salam whom we all know as FashionByDaisy is simply divine in her expression of what fashion means to her. She’s exudes a calm, simple yet sophisticated aura that leaves you wanting more of her essence. When I visit her blog, I’m constantly refreshed by the simplicity and uniqueness of her style.

daisy-fashion 4

daisy-fashion 3

daisy-fashion 2

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Have you noticed her skin texture? That shade of melanin is just first grade mehn! lol. I love how she owns her skin and beautifully packages it in fine makeup for all of our pleasure. Yes indeed, I am crushing! In a time when most dark skinned ladies are low-key ashamed of their skin, I cease every opportunity to applaud a proud and bold black woman. I was with my friend’s mum and out of the blues she’s like ‘you know why I like you, you’re proud of your skin and have not joined the bleaching community’. *laughing out loud* (I feel like if I type it all in full, you’ll believe I’m actually laughing!). I was like yo! This bleaching brouhaha is real mehn.


Anyways, if your hands are free, please applaud the gorgeousness that is Maryam Salam.

Trust your Wednesday is going well so far. Have fun kicking ass!

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better.

Photocredit: Fashion By Daisy


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