The Beach Fever

Hellurr… thank God its fun day Friday!! Well I intend for it to be a fun day though. Meanwhile, am I the only one who has beach fevers? Like when invited to hang out at the beach I almost always have this little fever at the back of my head. Before I go on to explain the mixed feelings I always have, a little spice for the Friday afternoon! Skin by Rang ‘n’ Bone Man.


So, I was talking about my bittersweet reactions to beach hangouts. I think it’s because I’ve always had this mindset that beaches are for lovers. Yes laugh out loud. But really when I’m going with a ‘bae’ I feel all type of ways but as I’m currently single, well, it’s lost it’s charm. lol. Wait am I the only one in this bracket? I seriously can’t be! Please tell me I’m not alone in the comment section below!

Beach-fever 1

Anyway so when it was time for this shoot, as usual I had my reservations about the beach, but hey, work must go on yes? Yes. I teamed up with my buddy Ayo and did this just because I’ve never done it and despite the beach fever, I always wanted a style post here. I most likely will do more.

Can I confess that it was a great feeling? It was! After the beach fever passed (which was almost immediately I got in), it became something really beautiful. The skyline, the waterfront, the rocks, they all extolled the beauty of nature. And you know me, always a fan of mother nature. The rest was easy. I wore this knitted wear I’ve had for a while, paired it with a part of my bikini (yes I wear them), shorts, sunglasses and a large dose of sunny smiles! How did it turn out?

Beach-fever 2


Beach-fever 4

Beach-fever 5

(Will post more when my 6 packs is

In case you’re looking to hang out at the beach this weekend, you could try this simple look for a change. Don’t forget to laugh a lot too.

My weekend just started as I’ll be partying, Arabian style, with Coldstone creamery this evening. Oh I’m an ardent ice cream lover! Forget all that ‘fitfam’ pledge for a minute. I intend to be filled. Will you be there? Hola at your girl!

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better.

Knitted gown: Asos

Sandals: Debrasgrace

Shorts: Thrifted

Watch: Rado

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  1. Berry Dakara says:

    You’re alone o. The beach doesn’t require bae – unless it’s for their help in taking photos :p

  2. […] Anyway, so for this shoot, I styled it with some accessories and a simple sandal I got off the streets of Dubai. Can you feel how free I was in this outfit? Too free! Fashion doesn’t have to be a chore sometimes. I love the mix of yellow and blue. It gave off this summer+classy+beach feel! Yes indeed, throw on a straw hat and you can very well wear this yellow number to the beach; that’s if you don’t want to try this look from my last beach visit. […]

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