Monday Pills: Forgiveness Is Your Pill

forgiveness pill

Hellurr….never too late to serve you the week’s Monday pill yea? Hope your week is off to a great start. Mine sorta is and I’m grateful! Now what shall we listen to? Chris Daughtry! Just because I think ‘home’ is a really dope song.

Honestly, one of the reasons I didn’t post earlier than now is because I almost didn’t know what pill to serve. I didn’t know what to write about until I stayed quiet for a bit and looked within. There’s always a story waiting to be told. All you have to do is listen and you’ll find it. I found one today, amid the noise. Yasss!

Last week was pretty intense with the Word Conference hosted by my dearest Pastor Paul Adefarasin of House on the Rock church. If you didn’t attend, it’s alright, you can get the tape. I sincerely recommend that you do.

Among the many lessons I learnt was how important it is to mentally and spiritually stay in a clean place, for the sake of your destiny and purpose. I listened to the wide spectrum of greatly respected men that spoke, and I realized that little things like ignorance, unforgiveness, unfettered words, hate and more can take you totally off course!

I’ll tell you one thing for free. It takes me a while to forgive. Sometimes longer than it takes me to get hurt. *closes face*. But in reality, forgiveness is a pill prescribed for the forgiver, not really the forgiven. It’s a pill I’m taking together with you all! It’s all wrapped in love and believe it when I say we all owe the next man love.

I don’t exactly get hurt very easily and when I do, it’s almost herculean to forgive. Well it was, because now I’m progressively walking out of that phase. We all get hurt. In business, in our homes, with friends, we feel some level of betrayal at some point. If you haven’t, please tell me which country you’ve been living in, I’ll like to relocate. Lol.

In summary, it’s incredibly important to point out the vices that are polluting our minds and keeping us from truly walking into destiny to fulfill purpose. Life’s too short to waste it on ignorance and unhappy moments, I’ll keep saying. Now if you’ve hurt anyone, go apologize; if you’re holding a grudge against someone, forgive; if you’re ignorant about a matter, be ‘unignorant’ and read. Lol.

Ok my story is done.

Do have a doubly fruitful week!

*hugs and kisses*

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