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Monday Pills: Making Memories All Year

Hellurrr….Happy democracy day!!! And happy memorial day to my US friends!! Oh you thought Monday pills won’t be served today? Naa I have some memories to share so despite the fact that we’re on a little holiday, we’ll still do our Monday ritual. Have you listened to this tune yet? Mali Music dropped this a few days ago. All my Mali Music fans, get in here. Gonna Be Alright is subtly amazing. You should listen!

How was your weekend though? I know for most, the weekend is still on but for the rest, hope your weekend was awesome. Mine was LIT all the way up! I had the amazing privilege of hiking with some amazing folks, social prefect tourists, up the Idanre hills and it was all shades of awesome! Keep calm, I’ll talk all about it and share pictures in the coming days but today I wanted to share a different thought.

making memories

Most of the time, we’re so consumed with plans for the future that we lose out on the beauties that lie in the present. It’s all good to plan and slave for a better future, for ourselves and our families. But what about taking in the moment? Making memories that’ll outlive you. I’ve decided to be intentional about creating bespoke memories. Bye to boring days.

So what if you don’t have the funds to make elaborate trips, well start with smaller ones. You never really know until you deliberately try! So try! Make some fun memories, meet strangers and turn them into friends, don’t kiss a stranger sha, but you generally get my point.

I remember telling myself that I will be happy this year and so far, it’s been filled with happy memories. Of course I’ve had my moments of weakness and sadness but generally it’s been amazing. And I have God to thank for it.

Now who’s agreeing to be intentional about creating some memories from now on? C’mon! It’s memories, not babies. At least not yet. Lol.

Please drop a comment below, you know how I love to read from you. Have a memorable week guys!!

*hugs and kisses*

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