Monday Pills: New Beginnings

Hellurrr….happy May Day!! Just sounds more apt and feels like new beginnings to me! Like we’ve been given another chance with a new month to go explore, dream, conquer, and live purposefully. I’m excited for the month of May. You should too! Now which tune will be best for this beautiful Monday morning? Bruno Mars’ wait for you.

Now to the business of the day. I remember back in school when I worked with Silverbird’s Rhythm 93.7 (bet you didn’t know that huh *wink*), every Monday was more or less a recap of the things I learnt in service the day before. It was Church Unusual then and Pastor James listened in one time and was stoked! Hmm….I wish Pastor Paul Adefarasin would read one day (laughing out loud!). Hey it’s a new month! A girl can dream eh?

But really in the midst of the electrifying communion service that was yesterday, the testimonies from believers were jaw dropping. One very outstanding (and they all were outstanding) was of a woman who had operated on her kidneys, taken one out, and been living on one. Fast forward some months later, this remaining kidney was beginning to fail and the lady ‘legit’ lost all hope. Now watch this.

Her fiance invites her to one of the communion services in house on the rock and after taking communion, she goes back for routine check-ups and she spotted 2 brand new kidneys in her body!! What?! Of course she went to several other hospitals to confirm and it was same as the first. God had healed her and given her a new kidney!

Honestly, I know there are some reading, who would dismiss this as a cunny Nollywood movie. Lol. It’s fine. It’s not your time yet maybe, but I’m moved to write about this to the most of us who think that some situations are just too hopeless. Hmmm. Who are we to place a limit on God please?

Not to go spiritual on you, but I don’t know how else to tell you the truth! This God is real yo! Can we just pledge to trust Him all over again from this new month forward? I pledge to share anything valuable, purposeful and beautiful with you and trust me, nothing else beats a place in God’s kingdom. Just saying.

I really want us all to feel the incredible hand of God like the lady yesterday felt. Phew!

new beginnings

In other news, Met gala is today!!!! Can’t wait to see who will top Rihanna’s show-stopping entrance in 2015! Trust me to blog about it on Wednesday.

And I hope this rain will let me be great and attend the Gtb food and drink festival today! Phew!

Have a fantastic year fam

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

Second Outfit: House Of Gdi

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