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Monday Pills: No Pain, No Gain

Hellurr….yea, I know the no pain, no gain tag kinda sound cliché, but sometimes, it’s in these random sayings that deep wisdom lie. I’ll be honest and tell you the truth. I didn’t feel up to anything this morning. I was just weighed down with the myriad of things I need to do, or set in motion, that I honestly didn’t feel like doing any of it, least of all, blogging. But actors would say, no matter how we feel, the show must go on! And are we not all actors in this stage play called life. Oh I just thought of this epic song ‘life by Des’ree‘ . I’m literally opening it up to listen to right now. Oldie but goodie.

Now the funny thing is the things we thing is so overwhelming, most times turns out to be not as overwhelming as we earlier thought. I mean I thought I was going to sleep off on my computer from fatigue but her I am, blogging away and loving it. Plus I must add that it’s therapeutic!

Working doesn’t have to be all painful I agree. I hear a lot of people bemoan the thought of going to work on a Monday morning. I totally get that feeling. However, since I resigned, it hasn’t changed! Surprise! Cos I still have to work! There are pictures to edit, articles to write, strategies to create, books to read, GMAT to prepare for, phew. The list is annoying but hey, no pain no gain.

The beauty of all this work we have to do while we’re young is that in the end, there’s gain. That’s honestly what drives me. Sometimes we don’t do it right and we end up with less result than we expected, but guess what, we would have learnt how not to do that particular task! So no pain is lost.

I guess my Monday pill serving today is to remind us all, of the bigger picture. 10, 20 years from now, you want to be living the life that is but a dream to you now. So plug-in some music and work through the pain, whether on Monday or Thursday. The gain is not far off now.

In the mean time, have you watched the delphinator’s last movie review? Awesome juice! Get a sneak after you’re done here, you’ll thank me later.

Do have a fruitful weekend guys!!!

*hugs and kisses*

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