Monday Pills: The Inexplicable Value Of Silence


Hellurr…is it quiet today because it’s Monday? The silence is almost deafening! Well, at least around me, and it’s beautiful! What a coincidence we’ll be prescribing that as a necessary pill this Monday morning. We’ll get to that in a minute, but before we do, let’s hear Anthony Evan’s version of Silence shall we? This song has healed many wounds on my back, you have no idea. Maybe it’ll heal yours too.

I’ll admit, this post was inspired by some article I read, written by a respected friend, Martin, earlier today. I’ve always known that silence is as priceless as gold to those who know it’s value. Growing up, I was a really quiet kid. I learnt most of what I now know, being in a quiet place. I’ll admit, the conditions under which I grew up gave me no better choice, but it’s an amazing thing to see how much beauty can come from seeming ashes. In silence, I learnt to read and observe people and my environment; in silence I learnt to write, which is one of my most revered gifts; in silence I gave more value to my words because when I eventually spoke, by God’s grace I spoke wisely; in silence, I learnt to tame my tongue when angry; and most importantly, in silence I learnt to hear God.


I wonder at people who don’t take time out to be quiet, to escape the crowd and soak in all the stillness. Sometimes, I’ll admit, I’m weary of people who just talk, talk, and talk! A truly wise person uses few words and is even-tempered (Prov 17:27), such that even fools are most times considered wise and intelligent when they keep silent (Prov 17:28). That tells you something doesn’t it? Funny how I discovered this principle at a very young age! Most times, I would keep quiet just to exude intelligence because deep within I didn’t think I was at all intelligent. Now that was as a timid child. Now, the motive for being silent is different.

Even God challenges us to sit still, be quiet, and know that He is God. You CANNOT know, when all you do is talk! Interestingly, when God was about to speak to Elijah, he wasn’t in the fire, or the earthquakes, but in the silent wind. You have no idea the great secrets, the innovations, the solutions you’ll discover when you sit still and embrace the quietness. Gosh, I’m even excited for you when you do find this.

I hope I haven’t written too much, but succeeded in making you sit still and quiet for a moment or two. I hope you unearth the inexplicable value of silence.

Do have a quiet and incredible week!

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

Makeup: Oluchi Onuigbo

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