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Hellurrr…who remembers that time when MTN’s ad had y’ello in almost every copy? I felt it was a nice play on the word yellow then! Now I just think it’s cheesy but still, great ad! Well,today we style! If you are a regular visitor, you know what’s to be served first. Some good music! Allow me take you back in time to some Michael Bolton! One of my favorite tracks of his is ‘When I’m Back On My Feet Again‘. That song has a way of waking up some dormant ‘narvs”…lol. Do enjoy.

Now if I exude anything at all when I walk into a room, it’s simplicity. I know I exude a lot, I know *rolls eyes*, but the most I believe is simplicity. I do admire bloggers and stylists that do great work wearing complex clothes, it’s bold and audacious. *round of applause*. Sometimes I could be caught in those but most times you’ll see me simply clad. This outfit however, was born out of laziness. Hahaha. I just wanted something I could throw on when I wanted to go hang with the girls or run some errands. No strength for jeans sometimes. And to think I was never a fan of yellow. Look how well it sits! I think the colour sits pretty on dark-skinned women. It has a way of bringing your sunny side up!

I had my friend get me some fabric from Aba and I had lots of these simple gowns sewn! I just gave them to my fashion designer, Plums & Prunes, told her what I had in mind and she said ‘say no more, I gat this’. Hahaha. One of the best decisions I made this year! lol. And they’re all affordable too. If you know anything about Aba, it’s how rich it is in textile. Someone please tell me why the government hasn’t made a huge factory out of that place biko. Phew.

Anyway, so for this shoot, I styled it with some accessories and a simple sandal I got off the streets of Dubai. Can you feel how free I was in this outfit? Too free! Fashion doesn’t have to be a chore sometimes. I love the mix of yellow and blue. It gave off this summer+classy+beach feel! Yes indeed, throw on a straw hat and you can very well wear this yellow number to the beach; that’s if you don’t want to try this look from my last beach visit.

I earlier wore it to the Face Africa launch in Lagos some months ago. It had lots of fashionistas and foreign philanthropists present. I had people asking where I got it from! If only they knew it was from good old Aba and my very trusted designer.

Which look do you prefer though?

yellow-style-post 7

At the Face Africa Wash Gala in Lagos

yellow-style-post 6

yellow-style-post 5

yellow-style-post 4

yellow-style-post 3

yellow-style-post 2

yellow-style-post 1


Hope you enjoyed this post. Where would you wear such an outfit to if you had one? Hit me up in the comment section below and please don’t forget to share.

*hugs and kisses*

P.S: Have yourselves a jolly good weekend!!

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

Watch: Fossil

Accessories: Gift

Sandals: Thrifted

Outfit: Plums and Prunes

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