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Monday Pills: Own Your Process

Hellurrr….it’s been an amazing weekend and I’m incredibly excited about the week as well. I feel like I already know the process I’ll go through this week, and I’m positive I’ll come through victorious, and smashing territories, God on my side!

I almost forgot, but we do need a soundtrack to usher us into the week! Here’s some Jon Bellion juice, Hand Of God.

Among the many places I found myself in over the weekend, one really got me deep in thinking and you know I’m all about value! I was invited by one old crush of mine *covers face* to a brief networking house meeting. It was more than that but I’ll just call it that. It was mind-stirring. I mean have you felt such wave of wisdom when you’re in the company of some class of people?

I heard stories that shook my very core especially as I look at the story tellers and they’re no where like where they’re coming from. The struggles, the ache, the pain, looked like a lie when I stared at them. Like what??? And then I learnt something profound. I learnt a lot yesterday though but of it all one stood out. The fact that you’re going through immense pain, means God saw that you have an incredibly strong backbone. And that there’s also great gain on the other side of the pain.

While I don’t in any way like the deep cuts that life has dealt me and is dealing me, for a second yesterday, I was deeply appreciative of the fact that God could trust me that much with such weight. You know He says he won’t give you more than you can handle? Exactly!

In all the discussions, I learnt to own the process. Life isn’t really about the destination, it’s the journey. It’s the process that cooks up the mouth-watching sauce that’s called you. You might as well own it all!

I tell you I was altogether motivated. Like the switch came right on in my head and I knew I had to share with you lovelies. Don’t be so distraught by your circumstances that you forget to own the process. I’m almost too sure, that the quality of your future self relies greatly on how well you own the process today, especially in dire times.

I hope today’s Monday pill was smooth enough to swallow! Please share your thoughts on how you’re owning your process down below. I’ll love to read from you.

Can’t wait to dig into the rest of the week! Have a doubly amazing week friends! Love you!

*hugs and kisses*

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