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Monday Pill: How Cute Is Self-control

Hellurr…Happy new week ‘la famille’. My self-control game is getting stronger as I resisted the urge to ask one mysteriously cute guy for his number. haha. If you want to hear all the gist, better comment ‘aye’ in the comment section below. *literally laughing out loud*. Meanwhile, this week is feeling great already, let’s make it a tab bit greater with this epic tune. Despacito!!  Luis Fonzo and Daddy Yankee made my year with this jam and a half!

So, let me give you a little info about me for free, I really don’t like to argue. I just state my point and let it slide. But yesterday mehn, I tugged it out with a bunch of guys who literally just wanted to hear my voice. Oh I sound really silky if you know what I mean *wink*. We got arguing over a statement one of the guys made which sounded like, ‘it’s normal for men to cheat’. Normally, I just move away from such types of myopic and selfish arguments and just sip some tea. But not yesterday. I searched for silence and I couldn’t find, so I spoke out. loudly!

No it’s not ‘normal’ to cheat. Yes some people realistically do fall into that temptation and it’s shamefully sad but that doesn’t make it okay. That doesn’t make it normal. Not by a long shot. Where then did we drop our self-control? At the altar? I’m one of those who get incredibly attracted to people with discipline and a good measure of self-control. Just like I was slightly attracted to the doctor in our midst yesterday, who just laughed and resisted the urge to argue loudly with us. Hahaha. There’s a level of mystery therein, that just tickles my fancy, and girls like me.

Point is, don’t be so brainwashed as to think there are no good and faithful men. There are! And if by some unfortunate incident, you can’t believe that anymore, then don’t go around spreading the false gospel that it’s normal to cheat. Or that men are wired to cheat. No fam! That’s foul. If we keep speaking that way, we shouldn’t blame the younger ones who grow up listening to us, say such and then end up as cheats.

Honestly, a man who exercises restraint, who exudes self-control is even more attractive than words can let me describe now. What do you think though?

How cute is self-control in a man/woman to you? I honestly would love to read from you.

That’s my Monday pill this week. Great thing is, this thing called self-control can deeply influence our work too! I found this article insightful. I hope you do too.

I hope we all are courageous enough to exercise restraints with a smile on our faces and have a fantastic week while at it.

*hugs and kisses*

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Photography: Amah Afadameh


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