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My Love-Hate Relationship With Wigs

Hellurr…. It’s Wednesday! I know we would usually crush on one of my style inspiration but today, I’m really not inspired. So I thought I’ll just talk about my love-hate relationship with wigs so far. I’ve had quite an experience! But first, let’s sway to some feel good jam. I felt India Arie’s I am not my hair was the best fit for this post today. *wide grin*

I feel like I should also say, that I am not my hair! Lol. I’m much more than that. So! I haven’t added extensions to my hair this year and it has been kinda….I’m not even sure. Well, no doubt, it has saved me some amount of money. I guess I may as well talk about the love part of my relationship with wigs now. It’s cheaper in the long run! Especially as I’m not one to switch hair like clothes. Like, I can have one long-hair look for a few months and I’ll be very fine abeg. Secondly, I love the relief that comes with taking the wig off at the end of the day. Yo!! I can’t even explain it. It’s like getting home and taking off your bra and just enjoying nature’s gentle touch! lol. Not to mention the pain from some evil hairdressers I’ve ‘jejely’ deleted. Nothing beats that please. Thirdly, I can easily shuttle among wigs to suit a laid out outfit. Before now, it used to be the other way round. I would have to pick the outfit to suit the hair I was carrying. Now I can just do whatever the hell I want. Lol. If the hair don’t fit, change it!




Now the hate part. My goodness, I hate the consciousness that I’m wearing a wig and it can easily fall off. *laughing out loud*. I can be pretty paranoid sometimes and just start imagining that my wig is about to fall off. Can you imagine the amount of mental stress that is? Phew. I’ll confess, my seemingly love for scarfs and turbans started when I started wearing wigs. I’ll just throw on a wig because mehn, I need insurance somehow. I can’t come and gaan embarrass myself in public.

Secondly, the problem with getting good wig vendors can be annoying. I’ve had my fair share of whack wigs and I really would love if I can get good recommendations. Any help please??


Well, in all, I look at pretty pictures like these and I’m urged in my head to sha just continue with my relationship with wigs. Maybe I can get used to it like SisiYemmie, Cassie, Dimma and all my favs.

How has your experience with wigs been like thus far? Any dealers to recommend? Looking forward to your comments!

P.S: all pictures here are wigs o!

Have a doubly amazing day fam!

*hugs and kisses*

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