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Shoes I’m Loving This Summer

Hellurr… You all must know by now how crazy I am about shoes. One would think that judging by that, I should own at least 200 pairs of shoes by now but naa…a girl is still hoping. Lol. It’s Wednesday people! And we’re crushing on some shoes! To help us crush just a little further is Fall by Brandy. Yes I know I featured her in the last post, but I just rediscovered this 2008 album and I’m bent on having you all enjoy it with me. *wide grin*

summer-shoes 6

Well, this is going to be a seemingly short post as I just want to have the pictures speak more. I stumbled across this brand,Public Desire, recently and I was really hooked! I even found out that they have one pair designed in collaboration with my girl (in my mind) Shirley Eniang. Love her..just as much as I love the shoes. I believe I started loving nude footwears and apparel because of her!

summer-shoes 5

summer-shoes 4

This one has rose gold, black and silver color variations. I was torn between yellow and rose gold but when I buy, I’m almost sure it’ll be yellow.

summer-shoes 3

summer-shoes 2

summer-shoes 1

Public Desire (how cool is this brand name though) is urban, chic and unbelievably affordable. You wont believe these shoes are between 29 and 34 pounds. I was half expecting 60 or something. I’m still a strong advocate for #BuyNigerian, but a little variation never hurt any wardrobe!


You know I just had to throw in some animal print right? Phew. I can never escape the obsession for all thinks animal print. I’ve rested my case. And to think I never used to be a fan of block heels. I really love this number though. I’m learning to be more adventurous with my footwear so I’m inclined to more colors now.

Tell me…what are your current obsessions? Which shoe brand gets you? Looking forward to reading your comments.

Have a lovely week!

*hugs and kisses*

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PhotoCredit: Public Desire (This is not an advertorial though)



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