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What Do I Wear This Weekend?

Hellurrr….I don’t know if I deserve the right to say hi to you. *covers face*. I know I’ve been consistent for a while and I’ve run out of excuses or apologies. You, my friends, deserve better. Before I get into the  what to wear post, maybe I should set the tone with this lovely tune. I hope you like it too. Nonso Amadi’s Tonight

I’ve struggled for a bit on the original vision I had for this blog and the brand itself. I looked at other brands and blogs I’ve loved for a while like,, etc and I felt like I wasn’t really gaining much mileage. So I got a bit discouraged and dropped the ball. Again this is not an excuse, but just an avenue to share my burden. Maybe I’m not doing enough. And so I have decided to change strategy. I commit to bringing back the days of old; when I posted as thrice weekly. I would also really appreciate your help. What would you like me to post more often? What will you love to see or read? For my amazing male followers, what would you like to read? Your feedback means much more to me than you know.

So I’ll be attending a wedding tomorrow and I’ll be honest, I have no idea what to wear…yet. If you don’t already know, I love weddings! Just the thought of happy people, great music, great food (if I’m lucky), dope pictures and happy snap chat moments just give me life! One brand I wore two weeks ago at my friend’s wedding was House of Gdi. I got the ‘maddest’ attention ever! They’re the urban fashionable brand you’ll be proud to wear. I am! I’m even happy to say I joined in the designing of the outfit. haha. That’s the beauty of it. You can have bespoke or ready to wear options.

I was going to post pictures I took but sadly I lost them. My phone went bad.I only have one now. *sad face*. This is a mini cry out to Samsungmobile for a phone biko. No shame here. I promise I’ll be the best ambassador ever! Haha. Anyway, if you’re wondering what to wear this weekend as well, you should totally hit them up!

I paired this unconventionally beautiful two piece wear with these mules I got from Cystores.

Other options I found are on Zuvaa. Another amazing resource for fantastic wears.

what to wear






Hmm…I hope after these eye candy, you have a better idea on what you plan to wear this weekend. I think I do!

Remember, I’m really looking forward to your reviews on what to do better for you.

Hope you have a really fun-filled weekend!

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

Photocredit: Zuvaa!


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