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Monday Pill: 3 Ways To Lay Off Pressure

Hellurr…I have lived to see another month! We’ve all been given another chance to pursue that which we ought to pursue. No pressure but I say take it by the ears! Take it and be grateful for it. I may be late to the party but happy new month dear family!!! It’s still a holiday in this part of the world so let’s sing along to some amazing tune from Meghan Trainor, Better when I’m dancing

I learnt something about myself yesterday. I suddenly feel happier and lighter because I have clogged the pipe from which unnecessary pressure flows towards me. Like I’m more relaxed, focused and result-oriented! Many of us are legit guilty of this; allowing excess pressure on our shoulders (whether from family, spouse, work, friends or even ourselves) and then looking 50 years older than we are. I had to struggle through a ton of pressure for a bit but no more! Hallelujah! I’ll share how I’ve dealt with pressure so far.

  1. Stay Happy: Always remind yourself what you owe yourself. Happiness! I remember earlier in the year, saying that all I wanted to be and feel hence forth is happiness. So do things that make you happy. Go to the movies, write, sing, dance, hang with friends, just live because you only have one chance to do that. And you’ll see how lighter you’ll feel.
  2. Stay Focused: One thing that I’ve learnt is that, to shed off a particular weight, replace it with something else. Once, when I was weighed down by some issues that greatly disturbed my emotional equilibrium, I started focusing on something else. I kept my focus on God and then on work and before long, that issue just faded away. Even when I wasn’t aggressively trying to let go of these pressures, it just passed.
  3. Keep The Positives: That’s a given. You need to surround yourself with only the positives. Positive people, positive activities, positive music, all of them positives. Before long, you too will be devoid of all the unnecessary pressure and be full of positive energy.

Other tips like eating right, exercising, reading and music really helped me handle pressure and I’m grateful for these. Many have given up under the weight of excess baggage because they don’t know better ways to deal. You don’t have to be one of them. You can rise above it.

This new month, and the months before the end of the year, give in to pursuing the positives and watch the smiles spread wide across your face.

Hope you enjoyed this Mondays pill. Have a brightly beautiful week Fam.

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better.



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