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Happy Dapper 2018! The New Year To Become!

Hellurrrrrr….  Gosh I feel like I haven’t typed that in a million years! Happy New Year!! Can I just start by apologizing for being away this long. This new year, I’m trusting God to help me be better; for myself and for you guys. Before we delve into the juice of today’s post, let me share the tune that ushered me into the new year. Blinded By Your Grace by Stormzy. I love the lyrics, his accent, the production…every blessed thing about this track. I hope you do too.

So 2017 was a bittersweet year. For some of you it was pretty amazing, for others it was just drab. I’m in your corner, no worries. I felt the same way. There were moments in the year when I doubted myself a lot, when things didn’t work as I had planned in the beginning of 2017; but there were also moments when God surprised me beyond my  expectations. I started up an initiative called King Teen Series (I hope you do follow us on IG), I got into grad school, I forged new relationships, I grew up.

happy new year

I was also very deliberate about doing things that made me happy, creating memories that I could store up for decades. I think I had some of those. However, the blog suffered a bit. This 2018, I plan not to let that happen again.


It’s the third day of the new year and while everyone is still wishing the other person a happy new year, time is already zooming off! I know some are not about that new year resolution life, but I do hope for your sakes that you’ve laid down goals for 2018. I know have. In fact, I’m going back home today to write them on paper and put sticky notes up on my wall. That’s just me. Because goals MUST be achieved this year! Please do same and have partners to keep you accountable.


I’ll be starting a YouTube channel and basically translating content here into video format. No worries, the blog will still be here. I’ll also be hosting two more editions of King Teen Series  and reaching out to more teenagers especially the boys (Please follow us on Instagram to get the full scope of what we’re about). I hope to travel more and create more memories. I hope you can also be my accountability partners. Phew.


Thank you for being here, really. I sincerely appreciate it. I do hope this year will be better than past years for all of us. Amen. I’m rooting for you!

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

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