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MANday 42: A Girl Can Suit Up Nicely Too

Hellurrr…. Yes MANday is back! And today I’m showing you  just how a girl can suit up nicely! So I’ve had lots of requests on these manday posts (both local and foreign audiences) that I’ve run out of excuses to give on why I can’t continue this segment. So yes, we are back to churning out great men style posts on Mondays! Comment below if you’re as stoked as I am. Before we continue, track of the day! Jacob Banks’ version of Say Something.


Two weekends ago, my friend and real Gee, Walter asked that I go with him to go take his wife to the altar on his wedding day. In other words, be on his grooms men train as a grooms lady. *Laughs*. I literally laughed out loud because it meant I’d have to suit up. Yes, I like men fashion and love to write about them when I can but I never thought I’d wear a suit, talk less of look good in one. Hence the long laugh. But underneath the laughter I was legit excited!! I get to own my first suit and support my Gee! Two birds and a stone!


So I get introduced to Orla Couture and I’m like hmmm…this is a male tailor, sure you can get my fit right? He says, say no more. And boy, was I impressed or what? I went for my first fitting and oh my goodness, he got it spot on! My pants were perfect, my waist coat, perfect, and just a little adjustment to the jacket, that’s all. No doubt I was blown away with a great first  impression!




Next step was to source for the accessories and shoes to score a 100 on this look. I wasn’t just going to look good for the gram, I was going to make Walter’s wedding pop too (in my little way)! TH7 Accessories came through for me with these pretty ladybird earrings and a little shoe store off the admiralty, Lekki (besides Studio 54) put a smile on my face with these Weber shoes. I hope RealMenRealStyles will be impressed. *Laughs*


suit-up 8


Now! How did we score? Guys, ladies, let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Ladies, how else would you have worn it if you had to suit up. Guys, how impressed are you?

In case you’re wondering how to make an impression at the next wedding or event, consider a suit up!

Hope you have a lovely week!

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better

Eye Wear : Dapmod

Makeup : Contessa Signature (Abuja)





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