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MANday 43: How To Style A Beret

Hellurrr…happy new week! Who has noticed the beret trend for men on the rise recently? I have! At first I felt this accessory is better left for the men in the military but then I’ve repented of my old ways. Meanwhile, I’m still hung over the greatest showman soundtracks. This one, never enough, will drop your jaw! Like literally. Listen and enjoy!

men in beret

Back to the matter. Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham tried the Parisian accessory and looked dapper with them, in Expendables 2, but then they were in the military! See where my initial thoughts came from? That said, Berets can be worn by any man, young or old, black or white. However, there’s a method to it.

  • Choose a colour that compliments your style. First the beret has to fit you nicely (not too tight nor too loose). The elastic band can cause some headaches if it’s too tight, so be careful.
  • Get the right angle. You can choose to pull the crown to the back, the left or right. Whatever you choose, make sure it works with your style and personality. Most times it’s worn to the right, especially if you want to get the fashionable/bougee look. But some wear it to the back to get that intellectual look. You choose.
  • Try not to remove it in the middle of your day. It’s just like a lady taking off her wig in the middle of a date. *laughs*. That’s why it’s really important you get a beret that’s your size. If it’s taken off in the middle of the day, it leaves a mark on the forehead and a funny style to your hair (if you have some).

men in beret

men in beret

men in beret

                                                            Mr Style himself, looking dapper in a beret

When it comes to styling the beret itself, many have scored good points with the way it’s styled. I love the very casual and corporate-casual ways to style it. It can be worn with a nicely tailored suit or with sweat shirts, pants and brogues or with a turtle neck, blazers and jeans. Another really unique way to style your Berets, is to add little accessories like pins, buttons, or brooches. You’ll definitely stand out of the pack!

men in beretok this was a bit much but you get the idea

men in beret

Oh and the members of the beard gang have a way of looking real tasteful when they wear Berets. *winks*

Now you know how to style a beret, go forth and get yourself some! I’m eager to see more Nigerian men adorn this accessory.

Have a great week folks!

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