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MANday 45: Grammys Worst Dressed Men

Hellurr….. who caught the Grammys last night? I didn’t.. because a girl had to sleep. However, I caught up with some style gist and award gist on Bellanaija and twitter and it was like I watched the whole thing. Meanwhile, who is Bruno Mars’ daddy?! The n**ga stole the entire show last night from what I gather. His father must be proud! It just makes sense to schedule his song as the song of the week yea? Well, here is one of my all time favorites of Bruno, Just the way you are.

I won’t lie, I was just as interested in the show as I was in the red carpet looks. If you know me at all, you’ll know I love music. A lot! So I was happy that the likes of Kendrick Lemar, Bruno, Ed Sheeran went home with some gold in the bag. Although I hear that the Pink and Lady Gaga fans were not having it. They almost asked for Ed’s head for winning that one against the duo of Pink and Gaga. Anyway, I think they all had great songs, I really don’t know about the criteria for dolling out awards so imma just stay put on my lane.


Now to the marrow of the bone tonight. The red carpet. I’m not sure how I feel about Sam Smith. Ever since he lost weight drastically, nothing he wears looks good to me. But in this case, I just think the suit wasn’t properly fit. I like the colour, real nice. But the inner shirt and shoes are a no-no. In my opinion though.

Can some please tell Sam to add a little more weight for us? Please?

I’m not one to criticize publicly but with everyone moaning over best dressed guys, someone has got to write about the not so great. Now I get where Khalid was going with this look. It would’ve been a hit, but for the sneakers and the suit’s ill-fit. I just couldn’t look past it.


I’m not sure I have much to say about his outfit, but Tyler didn’t impress me. This outfit just looked wrong for the red carpet. Maybe great for a concert, but Grammys? Na bruv.


What was Jaden Smith wearing?! Because you’re the son of the most loved Will and Jada is not enough reason for this hurtful look! This look pretty much hurt my eyes. It still does.


However, I’m consoled by this picture of Zayn Malik in this suit. Hands down my best dressed for the night. He had the right amount of hair, the right amount of pink, the right socks…. *sigh*. I know this was supposed to be a feature on worst dressed men but I couldn’t help it. *drools*


Now this is how to walk the red carpet.

Be like Zayn

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Did you watch the Grammys? Who was your worst dressed guy? Comment below and let’s talk.

Have a lovely week!

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