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Street-style Inspiration For The Weekend

Hellurrr…. gather round and welcome to the weekend! As usual there’s some street-style inspiration but first, has anyone noticed how fast the month is going? At first I thought January was slow but it seems to be picking up. Or is it just me? Hmm. Well today’s tune will feature James Arthur with, say you wont let go.



Street-style to me has transcended beyond just the clothes, to something else. I admire the audacity of some of my fellow fashionistas. They seem to raise the bar every time and maybe that’s what inspired me to try this look. If you’ve followed my style you’ll know I’m more of a simple dresser than a radical show stopper. But I chose to step out of my comfort zone a little with this one.


So beyond the fashion, I see a progressive splash of creativity and ownership on the street and I love it! We’re even more proud of our skin, our culture, our identity. We’re owning our style and laying it with audacity on the streets. Street-style to me has evolved into a mesh of beautiful colours, bold features, African culture and creative expressions. It makes me happy.





The pieces I’m wearing here were randomly picked from thrift stores, at different times. My chunky earrings were a gift, though I got tired of them halfway into the day and took them off cos they were slightly heavy. However I’m hoping something about this look pushes you to try something different this week weekend.


In other news, who’s attending a wedding tomorrow? I am! You know how I love weddings and I particularly like this couple. Social Prefect!! They organize tours around Nigeria and I’ve been lucky to be on one of them. I blogged about it here. So yes I’m pretty stoked for them! Follow my IG stories to feel a little of the fun I plan to have tomorrow.

Hope you liked this post! Comment below if you have any opinions. I’ll love to read from you.

Do have a lovely weekend!

*hugs and kisses*

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