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How To Style Your Ankara Gown This Weekend

Hellurrrr…It’s the weekend and a good time to style our Ankara gowns differently. I’m still getting back into the regular post routine but I’m quite excited about writing on this Ankara themed look. Song for the day is the fine Emelie Sande with Breathing Under Water. I may have featured this tune before but it’s worth a second feature!


So I jointly designed this dress and when it was time to bring it to life, I spoke to Plums N Prunes about it and she did justice to it. I just wanted a simple shift dress I could wear to a casual hangout with the girls or with boo. The Ankara feels, was a very needed addition! Need I add, every woman must own a shift dress. It’s a necessity. Then throw in an Ankara shift dress into the wardrobe and you’re a set for life! Ok I exaggerate now.


The first time I wore it, I was accompanying my friend Del to the Eloy Awards. I definitely didn’t want to look casual to that kind of event to I sneaked in a shirt underneath the dress, added some heels and I was ready to go!



The second time was at the launch of the book Cash Your Passion written by my pal, Lynda. It was a Sunday evening so the casual look seated well. I didn’t want to stress out after the long service in church so the next best thing was to throw on a shift dress. I paired it with these simple sandals and I think I liked how it turned out.


So if you have some Ankara dress that feels a little too simple for the event you plan to attend this weekend, maybe styling it up (like the picture above) will help.


Do enjoy the rest of your weekend!

*hugs and kisses*

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Shoes: Jumia

Eye Wear: Dapmod



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