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The Maxi Dress And Some Self-love

Hellurrrr…. thank God it’s Friday! Thank God for this pretty Maxi dress! Thank God for the ability to love oneself. And thank God for the ‘epicness’ that is the movie ‘The Greatest Showman’. Oh my God!! It’s no surprise that the song of the day is one of the soundtracks in the movie, titled, this is me.

I can’t begin to describe what I felt watching that movie. I was blown away by the story, the choreography, the music, the act!! In fact the entire production blew me away! But most importantly the lessons in that movie should be framed and hung on all walls till the end of time! You are glorious even in your uniqueness.

I don’t want to be the chief spoiler and doll out all the scenes that made me almost leap from my seat in a dance (because that would be the entire movie) so I’m just going to share the simple lesson I learnt and hope it urges you to go see the movie for yourself. If you’re in Lagos, please visit the IMAX Cinema.


This show made me see that this issue of rejection, of self-doubt, misfit, bullying is very real. And while some of you are not exposed to things like that, there are real humans whose worlds are in utter darkness, because their fellow humans have told them that’s the only place they belong to. What a lie! I learnt over again that we all can influence each ones world by kindness, smiles and maybe just one chance. You’ll never know how far that alone can go.

And for those who are in such a hole and ashamed to come out, choose to love yourself out of the darkness. You are enough! Believe a girl who’s been there before, there’s a place for you in the light!




Phew! That said, this Maxi dress from Plums and Prunes is just the tool needed to love yourself even more, this fine weekend! Whether to the beach, a friendly hangout or a dash to the store, the Maxi will do you good!

Don’t forget to wear your smile too!

*hugs and kisses*
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