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How To Style The Little White Dress

Hellurrr…happy new month! Its February, it’s the love month, and hopefully the white dress month for some of us. Somebody say AMEN. But for those of us who are still single, it may be hard to make February ‘that’ month. What am I saying, we do serve a miraculous God don’t we? Haha. First of all, let’s vibe to say something by Justin Timberlake. It’s a new tune so it’s all up in my senses! I hope you love it too.

white dress

So last weekend I went to celebrate love with my young and vibrant social prefects, Chiamaka and Ani. I mentioned it in this post here and what can I say, it was an incredible time! We danced but of course no one out dances Chiamaka. Her joy was visible in her steps! Ani surprised me though as I had no sense that he could dance. It was all on my instastories, I hope you saw them. If not, I’m sorry! But you should totally follow me there to get all the updates on my daily movements.

white dress

I absolutely loved Chiamaka’s white dress. It looked really pristine on her! But that’s not the white dress we’re featuring today. I’m talking about the little white dress you may have in your closet and just a little inspiration on how to style it.

White dress

So I wore this number to the wedding. Most people frown at wearing white, as a guest, to a wedding. I really don’t see anything wrong in it. Do you? I’ll love to know your thoughts. However, I styled this piece with nudes. I had the option of throwing in brighter shades like the reds or orange, but I wanted to be a little unpredictable. So I added these nude Weber shoes, nude purse from Minisuo and some light makeup.


I think it turned out well. And to think I’ve had this dress for almost two years and never worn it. Mostly because of that back detail. You see, I’m a little busty so I was concerned about the best bra to go with it. And anytime I looked at the dress, I thought of the bra situation and I just look past. But I’m glad I wore it.



How would you style your little white dress this weekend? Would you consider wearing one to a wedding? I’ll love to read from you!

Do have a lovely weekend!

*hugs and kisses*

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