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Hellurrr!!! Welcome to my online village!! I’m Obianuju Ursula Sebastine Nwobu, a 20-something year old Nigerian. Long name ehh…just call me Ursula or Uju (Sebastine is my father’s first name, I kinda adopted it cos I like and it means ‘reverred’!..hehehe), and I am glad extremely elated to have you here!!!

Yes I love all things beautiful…fashion, music, art, photography, people, nature, cars are my muse..*giggles*. I often wonder what a world this would be without these pretty little things! 

I’m a mechanical engineer by profession, but honestly my heart lies deeply in fashion, lifestyle and photography. I love to see and make others see the beauty in themselves as well as in their neighbour, whether inwards or outwards. So yea, this blog was born out of a need to inspire someone to live, love, laugh and of course look better as well as have a community with whom I can share a bit of myself. I’m also a digital marketing and PR executive. I love the world of communication and media. I recently also founded an initiative called King Teen Series, to inspire and empower young teenagers, especially the boys, to be better versions of themselves.

My humble goal is to inspire every man, woman, boy, girl, young or old to be the best they can possibly be using the simple tools of words and fashion. I sincerely hope you can help me achieve that 🙂

Now you know me, let’s be friends shall we?

*hugs and kisses*

Live. Love. Laugh. Look. Better




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