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Hellurr…. some of you know me from the old blog  back in the day, and some are just finding me. Either way, I’d love to say welcome! Hugs and kisses to you all. Take a seat and let me introduce myself.
I’m Uju Ursula Sebastine. 
There are many parts to me that a few words can’t unpack so it’s my hope that as you stick around here and #HangWithUS, you’ll get to know me and I you! While I’m an engineer turned marketer and writer in a professional capacity, I’m also a fashion lover, learner, servant-leader, and personal builder. The goal of this blog is to use the pillars of fashion, faith and personal growth to encourage you to live, love, laugh and look better everyday!
Here on the blog, I’ll share things that are of great passion to me; things that have helped (and still help) me grow and succeed in life. From fashion tips and faith discoveries, to books, growth hacks, branding trends, influential stories and more. I strive everyday to be better than the day before, hence I’m always learning. So I hope as you #HangWithUS, you’ll learn a thing or two too.
If you’re ready for this ride, you should definitely follow me on YouTube and Instagram as well! And if you have any questions for me, my dms and mail box are always open. 
Cheers to learning, one day at a time, to live, love, laugh and look better! 
Hugs and kisses;
ursula sebastine