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Hellurr beautiful people!!! Its International Youth Day!!! Not like thats adding any zeroes to my account, wildly celebrated here but I thought to let you know…hehehe. In the spirit of staying forever young, can we just talk a bit about how to dress properly? Like a lady? I was reading some stuff in preparation for you guys and I saw something that made me laugh more than I should! It read ‘it takes 7 generations to make a lady’. You see why I laughed? But can you blame the author

Hellurrr…Yea I know the Premier League is back but c’monnn, you can still holla at a sister! I must admit I was a little heart broken by Arsenal but then again…we live to fight another day. Haters pls park..*straight face*. In other news, its MANday!!! And I have this amazing Beyonce number ‘Rise Up’ to go with this lovely morning. Lovely song! I’ve often wondered how our lovely men can look really dapper and still maintain an affordable lifestyle. I must admit, I’ve always thought looking like a page off

Hellurrr…How you doing?? *in Wendy Williams voice*..I know you’ve waited too long for Friday, smile now, its here!! What will you be doing with yourself after work hours today? Movies? Hanging out with le boo? Chilling with the guys? Clubbing? Vigil in church? Home chilling with a book and wine? Hmmm…Can you guess what I’ll be doing though? hehehehe… Now before you wander too far on what my thoughts are today, I’ll tell you. Yesterday, I kinda walked down memory lane (I seem to do that a lot these days,

Hellurrr…Happy Wednesday!! Have you ever felt really excited just because its a new day?? Oh that’s exactly how I feel right now. May I just say right now, that I’m super duper excited to have you guys in my community. Like seriously. This wouldn’t really be a thing if not for you. Its barely 8weeks since we launched and its been so amazing. Long way to go but hey, we’ll get there together yea? Can I get an Amen over there? Thank you!! Its in that same vein I really

Hellurrr…happy new month my lovelies!!! Can you believe it? It’s August already!! Wow! Felt like yesterday when we gathered at House On The Rock for the cross over service. Hmm…God has indeed been faithful. This year has been awesome hasn’t it? I mean if you’re reading this then you’re alive and well and that’s more than enough reason to thank God. He’s been hopelessly kind and merciful to us all and we can’t be grateful enough. Ever. And that’s why I’m really excited for the #LK30daygratitude challenge some friends and

Hellurrr…:).. For some reasons i’m feeling all kinda ways as i write this. Maybe its the “matrimony” song by Usher and Wale i just fell in love with. Or maybe its the great news of the engagement of two of my friends. Or maybe its the argument i had with a colleague some moments ago on love and marriage. Or maybe its just hormones. Hehehe. What can I say, I love LOVE. But today I just want to write away and hope someone takes a thing or two home. While

Rock That Culotte!

Hellurrr…Culottes are in. You hear me, Culottes are so in! Hehehe. I’m pretty much screaming that into my ears cos I still see this trend as one of the most confused audacious outfit to rock. Imma be honest with you, I own not a single culotte. I mean not one. So I’m sorry you won’t see a picture of me in one here. However, it don’t mean I don’t know a thing or two about them. I’m a hard core critic I thought instead of flinching when I see

Hellurrr…:) Lovely weekend yes?? No?? You had that first date with the dream girl last weekend and she didn’t exactly ‘feel the boy’? You took her out and her eyes wandered off too many times to that dapper looking guy across the table from you? Oh she was on her phone too often as well? Hmm…have a seat my dear, lets talk. You see when you decide to take a girl to a date, you may as well do it like a real man. Too many boys running around the

Hellurrrr…:) Merry ‘Friyay’ to you beautiful people!! I swear I’ve come to really look forward to every time I spend with you. Mushy ehh…hehehe. I love you too. Right! Remember when I told you its always great to walk with someone, friend or family? I wasn’t joking, no. Especially when you find the right person(s), its such an amazing feeling. On my journey of discovering my style (I’m still discovering), I met a few bloggers, stylists, fashionistas, who inspire and kinda mirror my style. One of them is Sharon Mundia!!

Hellurrr…:) Have you heard ‘Never Once’ by Matt Redman? Awesome song! You should definitely listen. Its quite an interesting day for me as I thought about a lot of things before writing this. Choosing a title was a chore in itself, but we overcame!! Not a fashion post per se, but one on friendships. I know its not world friendship day yet, but hey..we make the rules.hehehe. So some weeks ago I told you about the water challenge some friends and I embarked on. The deal is taking no other

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