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Hellurrr….we’re half way through the week! And it’s style crush Wednesday for those who aren’t yet used to the pattern. I admit, I haven’t posted any of my style in a few weeks but I will do so this Friday. In the meantime, a tall glass of Neyo with this number Miss Independent. This is one of my all time favorite songs as it was dedicated to my young teenage self a very long time ago, by one correct and special ‘somborri’. Hehe. Story for another day *wink*. Now today’s

Hellurrr…how are you all doing?? It almost feels like a rare occurrence blogging these days, like seeing a daisy in Awka. Lol. Yes it’s solely my fault, I know. And believe me when I say I’m on the journey to getting better at this. It’s not easy yes, but excuse is not an option! So let’s dig in! In the mean time, can we just wag our ‘tail’ to some great tunes from Bruno Mars, That what I like. It’s Wednesday and as usual, we crush! I’m a simple person

Hellurr…a late crush is definitely better than none at all. I remember how late I was to the George Clooney crush party. Well they didn’t share jollof rice but its worth finally realizing just how fine that human specimen is! In the mean time, here’s Rag ‘n’ Bone Man with Skin for the evening read as I’m sure most of us are done with work. Dope sound! Not to mention the fact that I still crush over his beards! *deep sigh* Yes indeed, it’s style crush Wednesday and we’re crushing

Hellurr…it’s style crush Wednesday and we’re crushing on the skinny yet incredibly stylish hipster, Nifesimi! Yes I know for some of us the week has gone on in some kind of way, but we’re definitely not leaving ‘HappyVille’. Not even for a second. So let’s dab to Emeli Sande’s Babe. *wink* This is going to be a short post as I want to give these juicy pictures a chance to speak for themselves. I first came across Nifesimi in my first few months of blogging and I was blown away

Hellurr….If you are a style blog reader, like a really serious one, then Folake shouldn’t be a new name to you. Or perhaps you know her by her blog, Arghh this chic kills me, literally, with her style. Before I get all excited about this damsel, can I first share my current obssession? This James Arthur song, Certain things have been playing since I visited my girl, Gracie’s blog yesterday, great blog I must add. Oh dear. The song just makes me feel some kinda way. Cant explain. Just

Hellurrr…I know, I apologise, I sincerely do. Blogger Spotlight hasn’t beamed on anyone in the last month or so but that changes now *blows kisses*. Listen to this Taylor Swift’s song, to cool your temper. I love style and I love to write. Blogging is just one of the ways I express that. But when I see someone who writes beautifully well and then captivates me with their pictures as well, I’m sold out! Literally. Grace was and still is one of those kind of people. You would argue that her

Helluurrrr…Repeat after me…it’s FRIYAYYYY!!…Oulala! It feels like just yesterday the month started. Now it’s almost While we jolly and have fun, let’s be careful. These ’ember’ months are known to record serious recklessness from young people. Please let’s not get ahead of ourselves aii. I want you guys alive and fine, reading my blog doing what you love to do. hehehe. Anyways, the song for today is from the incredibly amazing ED Izycs! Gosh! Went for his album launch some days ago and I was sold out. Felt like listening

Hellurrr…It’s funny how I can be this pumped after the kinda day I had yesterday and today. Oh Lord! That’s story for Instagram. Follow me pretty please if you aren’t already. But really, am I excited today or yea?? Not only is today friday, it’s a day I get to profile a phenomenal and inspiring blogger on this month’s edition of blogger spotlight. Hmmm… today’s feature is on a tall glass of ‘chocolatey’goodness, you don’t want to miss. You know that lovely feeling you get when you listen to Taylor

Hellurrr…so what happened this week? How productive were you? Its Friday already so if you didn’t do much, well, you still have a few days left. I think mine has been pretty awesome. Between blogging, writing, photography and keeping up with the Kardashians social media, I managed to get a bit of work done. Yippe!! So it’s another Friday and we’re crushing on another blogger! Last month we started with my twinnie, Sharon Mundia here, this month, its Wendy Nguyen! I was first introduced to this lovely Vietnamese by a friend

Hellurrrr…:) Merry ‘Friyay’ to you beautiful people!! I swear I’ve come to really look forward to every time I spend with you. Mushy ehh…hehehe. I love you too. Right! Remember when I told you its always great to walk with someone, friend or family? I wasn’t joking, no. Especially when you find the right person(s), its such an amazing feeling. On my journey of discovering my style (I’m still discovering), I met a few bloggers, stylists, fashionistas, who inspire and kinda mirror my style. One of them is Sharon Mundia!!