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Hellurrr…:) Who’s excited just because it’s Wednesday?? Me!! It’s that time of the day, or that space on the blog where we get to talk you know…you and I. Where we get to define who we really are, learn a few things, and move forward. After all, our mantra here on is live, love, laugh, look, better. Yea? Let’s say we’re daring ourselves to live better today. Who are you? I’m a huge fan of the series Empire. I mean, who isn’t?? And one major reason I love it

Hellurr…:) Happy new week guys!! Indeed happy new month as well. I trust it has been a smooth one so far, 4 days gone by!! Let’s do a challenge this month yea? Yea I know its MANday and imma get to that in a minute, but I just feel like i should do this first. I’ve loved Anthony Evans for the longest time and it seems this song, ‘Love Is’ is my favourite. I’m currently listening and it reminded me again of how selfish we are when we say we

Hellurr…it’s not stale to wish you happy independence again is it? How was your celebration? Did you celebrate at all, or just stayed home to cool off? I celebrated! Went for the movie première of Captive at the House On The Rock, and it was quite interesting. If you haven’t seen it, you should make plans to. In the spirit of loving all things Nigerian, my friend Obehi and I decided to visit the popular Yaba market! Talk about beauty on the streets. It was all shades of fun, I

Hellurrr….who’s feeling very 55ish today? Not yet? Maybe tomorrow? Hmmm…. I was tempted to keep this post till Oct 1st to properly celebrate with my nation Nigeria as she turns a year older, but I thought with all the rush of broadcasts for your attention tomorrow, its best to do this today. I wasn’t born in the era before independence, I wasn’t even born in the decade that followed it closely, but I’ve read enough to know that Nigeria has been through a lot! Most will say the years of

Hellurrr!! Can the holiday come back around? Pretty please?? *tears in eye* It was such a densely packed weekend/holiday! Weddings, birthdays, hook ups with friends, and to crown it all was the Spirit Life Conference that just ended! *whew*. It was too crazy. I enjoyed every bit of the ride though, just wish I had one extra day to just chill, you know. And have that Bruno Mars kinda today-i-dont-feel-like-doing-anything day. *sigh*. Oh well. At least its MANday. Who’s excited?? Before I get into sharing some outfit ideas I found

Hellur…can somebody say Friyay!! Happy holidays to you!! Who’s having a fun morning? Like I woke up by 8am today, what?? No rush to beat traffic and get to work in time. *whew*. Where are my muslim brethren? I need some fine wine and some steak yo! Hehe I’m feeling like Beyonce this pretty morning. Listening to her amazing track, Rise Up, and my heart is pumped up! This song gives me the feeling i can do anything, achieve anything, if I grit my teeth and fight for what I

Off The Runway

Hellurrr…:) Who has listened to Lose to Win by Fantasia? You have? Oh boy, I don’t know where I’ve been all this time. I just heard it and I’m sure it has played at least a hundred times in the fast few hours!! In fact, I have to be careful not to type out the lyrics here as I’m currently listening! *wink* If you haven’t heard it, well, click on the link above and listen away! Now back to planet earth and the fashion street. *whew*. The New York Fashion

Hellurr..:) How was your weekend?? Mine was too packed I barely had time to breathe! Had to hang out with a few friends, attend my friend Jite’s lunch with Airtel, the she-hive session with SheLeadsAfrica..*whew* I had lots of highlights though. Thank God its MANday! I’ve wanted to do a list of the stylish men around the block so here it is! The men who at some point or the other have succeeded in taking me to style heaven. I love! 10. Emmanuel Ikubese: Most know him as Mr Nigeria

Hellurrr:) For some reason, I’ve been screaming ‘Waaaaaayyyy Up I feel blessed’ in my mind since last night. I only just listened to the song “Blessings” by Big Sean, Kanye and Drake some moments ago. But before now, I only knew the line “waaaayyyyy up I feel blessed!’..hehehehe.. and that’s because I really do feel blessed. Somewhere in the song he said for those who have gone to hell and back for him, he’s going to give them heaven on earth… thought that was a really cool line. I’m not

Shopper On A Budget

Hellurrr!! Cold and wet Wednesday morning eh? At least in these part of Nigeria. Here’s a nice serving of Mali Music’s Heavy Love to warm you up. Love that dude. Are you one of those who really love to shop? Like you can spend hours online, on Instagram just ‘screen-shopping’? And then find out you really aren’t that fluid enough to get the things that really catch your fancy. You’re in good company guys. Take a hug. I love pretty little things. I swear I do. Shopping is my small

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