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LFDW LookBook

Hellurrr… I almost feel a subtle little connection with Adele since I listened to her latest number “Hello”. Anytime I type hellurr, I feel it. Hehehe. Is that song dope or yes? Gosh. And to add to my excitement, it’s a few hours to the Lagos Fashion and Design Week!! LFDW starts today actually and get this, it’ll be my first fashion week ever!! Hollup Milan and Paris, I have to do Lagos first, I’m coming for you, be patient. Now I’m glad I’m not alone in the struggle to

Hellur!! What special thing is happening today? I know it’s MANday, but it feels like there’s something else we’re supposed to be celebrating. Oh that’s right. Arsenal is second on the league table!!!! I know we’re not there yet but hey don’t hate alright, congratulate! Meanwhile Chelsea, how market?? loool…no I didn’t come here to look for trouble. I’m just excited, is all. But while we go on, take a chill pill in Taylor Swift’s song, ‘Everything has changed‘ cos things are about to change yo…Arsenal is progressively advancing to

Hellurrr…It’s funny how I can be this pumped after the kinda day I had yesterday and today. Oh Lord! That’s story for Instagram. Follow me pretty please if you aren’t already. But really, am I excited today or yea?? Not only is today friday, it’s a day I get to profile a phenomenal and inspiring blogger on this month’s edition of blogger spotlight. Hmmm… today’s feature is on a tall glass of ‘chocolatey’goodness, you don’t want to miss. You know that lovely feeling you get when you listen to Taylor

Hellurrr… Believe it or not, the month is fast ending!! Soon November will be around the corner and with it, a lot of weddings! I think the ember months have the most weddings. Are you excited?? But who doesn’t love weddings eh? Who? Even if you’ve been burnt before, I’m sure somewhere down at the bottom of your heart, you love the idea of love and weddings. Tell. The. Truth. lol. I love love. I grew up on songs like ‘If you’re not the One’ by Daniel Bedingfield. Infact I

White Flower

Hellurrr…it’s world food day!! Oh and more excitingly, it’s Friday!!!. Try not to eat too much aii. I don’t know where this title came from, really, but it kinda sounds nice. Maybe from my flowery dress or the white eye on my owl-inspired sling bag. Whichever way, I hope you feel as precious and pristine as a white flower this morning. And the song for the weekend has got to be Uptown Funk. Hehehe. Bruno Mars is Bae. Dressing up has always been bittersweet for me. Sometimes I’m doubly excited

Hellurrr…isn’t it funny that some moments ago, I was listening to Travis Greene’s Intentional, having absolutely no idea what I was going to post today and now, I’m so excited about this post. hehehe. No it isn’t intentional. It just so happened. I grew up being overly protected. If you ask me, what the next two streets from mine is called, I probably won’t know. I probably never knew. It was so bad that when I did go to school, I carried that habit with me. I just didn’t know

Hellurr…Imma be honest with you, it took a double dose of God’s grace today to get me outta bed. For the first time in a long some time, I was weary of monday. But hey, its MANday so let’s smile a little shall we? Help me find it, by Sidewalk Prophets is playing in the shadows and it kinda feels like what you silently asked me to do. Find the new and emerging trends on the fashion scene. Hehehehe. So I found this trend lately. The POCKAFTAN. The Kaftan has

Less Is More

Hellurrr…did you notice it’s Friday??? Yasss!! I feel like hanging off the Chandeliers like Sia did some time ago in the song…lol. Have you listened to this version though? Oh em gee!! Some people can siiiinnnnggg. Jordan Smith ‘murdered’ it mehnn. I still think The Voice is the BESTEST music talent hunt platform out there. Yes I said it. Take it the bank or sue me…lol. I could spend an entire day watching the guys on that platform. But yet again I could do same for Empire…oh well…I love music, what

Hellurrr…:) Who’s excited just because it’s Wednesday?? Me!! It’s that time of the day, or that space on the blog where we get to talk you know…you and I. Where we get to define who we really are, learn a few things, and move forward. After all, our mantra here on is live, love, laugh, look, better. Yea? Let’s say we’re daring ourselves to live better today. Who are you? I’m a huge fan of the series Empire. I mean, who isn’t?? And one major reason I love it

Hellurr…:) Happy new week guys!! Indeed happy new month as well. I trust it has been a smooth one so far, 4 days gone by!! Let’s do a challenge this month yea? Yea I know its MANday and imma get to that in a minute, but I just feel like i should do this first. I’ve loved Anthony Evans for the longest time and it seems this song, ‘Love Is’ is my favourite. I’m currently listening and it reminded me again of how selfish we are when we say we

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