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Hellurrr…the weekend is closer today than we first believed!! Yay!!!.. Hope your week has been fun so far. Well for me….errrr….it can be better. I’m grateful all the same. Have you ever felt like you’re becoming someone else? Maybe due to an experience from the past or someone in your life? I get that change is constant, and when its a good change its very much welcome, but your core needs to stay true. Your identity MUST not be compromised. Honestly, I’ve subconsciously let some experiences make some changes to who

Hellurrr… 🙂 Long weekend yea? Well you just got served! Its MANday err’one! What were you up to over the weekend though? How much dose of fun did you have? Or you had work to deal with too? Hmmm. Well today on your MANday serving, we’re catering to the sneaker lovers in the house. I love sneakers myself! I found these new designs to be released this month by the big guns and I thought to share with y’all. Lets feed our eyes! First is the New Balance ‘Real Ale’

Beauty And Me

Hellurrr…Its a warm morning in the city of Lagos. How’s your day going?? Have I wished you a happy new month yet? oh happy new month lovelies!!! I’m positive September would be an epic month we all would love to not forget. Go ahead and declare it! There’s this thing that comes with the “ember” months. People seem to be a lot more in a hurry, crime seemingly goes up a notch, accidents become more frequent. Well I believe this year will have none of that. I pray all you

Hellurrrr…is anybody home?? There must have been so much fun last weekend with the Hennessy and many more events that went down. At least on this side of town. And yes I do know what you did last weekend….eating all sorts..hmmm… Thank goodness its MANday…hehehe. Well one of you special readers in need of the magical arms, eye-watering abs and mega fast brains, asked that I give a few tips on how men can exercise right but I thought..hmmm…why not start first with how men can eat right and smartly. I

Hellurrr…come along, if you feel like a room without a roof, because I’m happyyyy…Pharrell blew off the roof with that song, really. If you haven’t heard the song Happy, then you must have been born yesterday. If that’s the case, how are you reading this post? Ok seriously, you should listen and get in the groove!! I mean, it’s Friday!! Well that’s not the only reason I’m happy. Have you ever felt like you’re in the eye of a storm? Like the waves are bellowing hard but you just can’t

Hellurrr…I’ve got a song on my lips this morning…‘Life Song’ by Casting Crown. Heard of them? They’re like doubly amazing and this song just makes me want to stay cuddled in God’s arms…lool..what song is on your lips this morning? Pls share!!  I’m a little under the weather, but hey, the party must go on! Say a prayer for me though, will you? So some time ago I was taking a bus back home from Abuja. Myself and my dad (superman) had gone to JAMB office to challenge some discrepancies in

MANday 09: Suit Up!

Hellurrr…it’s Monday again ehh…no worries darlings your weekly dose of MANday just got served! So I was driving past Jakande estate some time ago and I couldn’t help but wonder how the place looked when it was first built. It must have been divine! But then the spirit of ill-maintenance caught up and dealt a hard blow. It pretty much was just a shadow of its former self. Sadly lots of us have let that same spirit deal with our clothes…hmm…can I help you resist that bad maintenance culture? While

Hellurrr…so what happened this week? How productive were you? Its Friday already so if you didn’t do much, well, you still have a few days left. I think mine has been pretty awesome. Between blogging, writing, photography and keeping up with the Kardashians social media, I managed to get a bit of work done. Yippe!! So it’s another Friday and we’re crushing on another blogger! Last month we started with my twinnie, Sharon Mundia here, this month, its Wendy Nguyen! I was first introduced to this lovely Vietnamese by a friend

Hellur!! Can you feel my excitement on having you back home? Yes!! I feel like Princess Annah in the movie, Frozen, when the gates were finally open! Currently listening to ‘Coming Home’ by Jetta and I’m feeling all kinda ways now. Join me listen, will you? I’m sure you noticed the gates have been closed for some days now cos we had to carry out some maintenance and restructuring. Ok so who loves the new look? You know we did this primarily for you guys right? To serve you better.

Hellurrr…is it me or its a chilly morning? I practically had to drag myself outta bed to get to the office. *sigh* How’s your Friday morning going? Woke up listening to Simply amazing by Todd Dulaney and I couldn’t help but feel really awed at how great our God is. You should totally listen! So I got this pretty dress form Fashion Essence some weeks ago and I’ve been postponing doing a shoot with it cos I wanted a particular theme and location. Well, remember when I talked about killing

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