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Hellurrrr….hollup hollup, the days seem to be going pretty damn fast!! Like it’s Friday already!! Not just any Friday, I believe all around the world it’s BLACK FRIDAY!!! I can almost feel some people dancing on their chairs. Girls, Women, Boys, Men…go ahead lovelies, it’s allowed. Don’t forget to constantly check in on Jumia, Konga, Payporte, Spar and Kaymu for lovely deals. I wonder what you’ll be buying today. Hmm…By the way, I’m still hung on Anthony Brown’s latest song, Worth! Arghh. Please. Listen. So two weekends ago, I attended

Dear Child

Dear Child… Sometimes you won’t want to say Hellurr. Sometimes you’d wake up in the mornings and have almost no reason why your eyes are misty with tears. Sometimes you won’t have the strength to talk to even the best of friends cos you feel they won’t understand. Sometimes you just don’t want to be vulnerable with anyone. You’ll feel too embarrassed to share your wounds and scars for fear of being ridiculed later on. Fret not, it’s only a phase. Dear child. Sometimes you’ll feel the bitter taste of

Hellurrr…:) Who’s excited just because it’s Wednesday?? Me!! It’s that time of the day, or that space on the blog where we get to talk you know…you and I. Where we get to define who we really are, learn a few things, and move forward. After all, our mantra here on is live, love, laugh, look, better. Yea? Let’s say we’re daring ourselves to live better today. Who are you? I’m a huge fan of the series Empire. I mean, who isn’t?? And one major reason I love it

Hellurrr….who’s feeling very 55ish today? Not yet? Maybe tomorrow? Hmmm…. I was tempted to keep this post till Oct 1st to properly celebrate with my nation Nigeria as she turns a year older, but I thought with all the rush of broadcasts for your attention tomorrow, its best to do this today. I wasn’t born in the era before independence, I wasn’t even born in the decade that followed it closely, but I’ve read enough to know that Nigeria has been through a lot! Most will say the years of

Hellurrr…come along, if you feel like a room without a roof, because I’m happyyyy…Pharrell blew off the roof with that song, really. If you haven’t heard the song Happy, then you must have been born yesterday. If that’s the case, how are you reading this post? Ok seriously, you should listen and get in the groove!! I mean, it’s Friday!! Well that’s not the only reason I’m happy. Have you ever felt like you’re in the eye of a storm? Like the waves are bellowing hard but you just can’t

Hellurrr…so what happened this week? How productive were you? Its Friday already so if you didn’t do much, well, you still have a few days left. I think mine has been pretty awesome. Between blogging, writing, photography and keeping up with the Kardashians social media, I managed to get a bit of work done. Yippe!! So it’s another Friday and we’re crushing on another blogger! Last month we started with my twinnie, Sharon Mundia here, this month, its Wendy Nguyen! I was first introduced to this lovely Vietnamese by a friend

Hellur!! Can you feel my excitement on having you back home? Yes!! I feel like Princess Annah in the movie, Frozen, when the gates were finally open! Currently listening to ‘Coming Home’ by Jetta and I’m feeling all kinda ways now. Join me listen, will you? I’m sure you noticed the gates have been closed for some days now cos we had to carry out some maintenance and restructuring. Ok so who loves the new look? You know we did this primarily for you guys right? To serve you better.

Hellurr beautiful people!!! Its International Youth Day!!! Not like thats adding any zeroes to my account, wildly celebrated here but I thought to let you know…hehehe. In the spirit of staying forever young, can we just talk a bit about how to dress properly? Like a lady? I was reading some stuff in preparation for you guys and I saw something that made me laugh more than I should! It read ‘it takes 7 generations to make a lady’. You see why I laughed? But can you blame the author

Hellurrr…How you doing?? *in Wendy Williams voice*..I know you’ve waited too long for Friday, smile now, its here!! What will you be doing with yourself after work hours today? Movies? Hanging out with le boo? Chilling with the guys? Clubbing? Vigil in church? Home chilling with a book and wine? Hmmm…Can you guess what I’ll be doing though? hehehehe… Now before you wander too far on what my thoughts are today, I’ll tell you. Yesterday, I kinda walked down memory lane (I seem to do that a lot these days,

Hellurrr…:).. For some reasons i’m feeling all kinda ways as i write this. Maybe its the “matrimony” song by Usher and Wale i just fell in love with. Or maybe its the great news of the engagement of two of my friends. Or maybe its the argument i had with a colleague some moments ago on love and marriage. Or maybe its just hormones. Hehehe. What can I say, I love LOVE. But today I just want to write away and hope someone takes a thing or two home. While

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