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Hellurrr….how are we kicking this lovely Saturday?? Getting ready for Writers For Profit workshop yes? Yes! A lot of us may have seen this on my IG. I sincerely apologize for being away here. These days, a girl has too many things, but this girl still loves you. Now cue in Overcome. You’ll love this song. Some weeks ago I started out by telling you that something is brewing!! Indeed the meal is ready and is about to be served. The Writers For Profit workshop will be holding on the

Hellurrr…Happy New Month! This must be the latest you’ve gotten a post but that’s because something new is brewing! What better time to introduce it than in an unusual way. MANday is still running, however today we’ll talk about something else. Since it’s a new month, let’s celebrate with a lovely piece from Lecrae..Just because he’s the best, well among the best. Lol. So I don’t plan to tease you for too long, but I will tease. You know, I have lived on the edge for long time. It almost

Hellurr…so pictures have been flying all over the internet on the MET gala best dressed. I’ve seen the domination of Balmain on the red carpet by the Kardashian family and Beyoncé’s aura sweep the floor, but I’m more interested in the not so popular stars. Among them are some really dope outfits. After all, if the Kardashians and the Carters don’t show up to a party, we’ll still see some nice outfits right? Since we’re not featuring le boo Beyoncé on the best dressed list, let’s hear her play her Blue

Hellurr…I can understand why your interest is spiked right now. Infidelity! Despite the sad fuel situation in the country, it’s okay to just take a break and read a blog. Lol. I love coming to you with topics that make you want to keep reading, I love writing. And most importantly, at the risk of sounding cheesy, I love you guys…really. *wide grin*. I could only think of Sam Smith’s ‘I know I’m not the only one’ for this post so there you go. You may catch me a few

Hellurrr sugar! On this side of the globe, it’s a warm and beautiful day! Too beautiful, I wonder how anyone could ever doubt there is an artistic God! I woke up and felt I needed fifty more hours of sleep…lool.. But alas I had to drag myself outta bed and get to work. Then I breathed in the morning freshness and I felt all is right with the world. Never mind oil price…hehehehe I had the most epic evening yesterday. A friend of mine and colleague in my church department

Hellurrrr….hollup hollup, the days seem to be going pretty damn fast!! Like it’s Friday already!! Not just any Friday, I believe all around the world it’s BLACK FRIDAY!!! I can almost feel some people dancing on their chairs. Girls, Women, Boys, Men…go ahead lovelies, it’s allowed. Don’t forget to constantly check in on Jumia, Konga, Payporte, Spar and Kaymu for lovely deals. I wonder what you’ll be buying today. Hmm…By the way, I’m still hung on Anthony Brown’s latest song, Worth! Arghh. Please. Listen. So two weekends ago, I attended

Dear Child

Dear Child… Sometimes you won’t want to say Hellurr. Sometimes you’d wake up in the mornings and have almost no reason why your eyes are misty with tears. Sometimes you won’t have the strength to talk to even the best of friends cos you feel they won’t understand. Sometimes you just don’t want to be vulnerable with anyone. You’ll feel too embarrassed to share your wounds and scars for fear of being ridiculed later on. Fret not, it’s only a phase. Dear child. Sometimes you’ll feel the bitter taste of

Hellurrr…:) Who’s excited just because it’s Wednesday?? Me!! It’s that time of the day, or that space on the blog where we get to talk you know…you and I. Where we get to define who we really are, learn a few things, and move forward. After all, our mantra here on is live, love, laugh, look, better. Yea? Let’s say we’re daring ourselves to live better today. Who are you? I’m a huge fan of the series Empire. I mean, who isn’t?? And one major reason I love it

Hellurrr….who’s feeling very 55ish today? Not yet? Maybe tomorrow? Hmmm…. I was tempted to keep this post till Oct 1st to properly celebrate with my nation Nigeria as she turns a year older, but I thought with all the rush of broadcasts for your attention tomorrow, its best to do this today. I wasn’t born in the era before independence, I wasn’t even born in the decade that followed it closely, but I’ve read enough to know that Nigeria has been through a lot! Most will say the years of

Hellurrr…come along, if you feel like a room without a roof, because I’m happyyyy…Pharrell blew off the roof with that song, really. If you haven’t heard the song Happy, then you must have been born yesterday. If that’s the case, how are you reading this post? Ok seriously, you should listen and get in the groove!! I mean, it’s Friday!! Well that’s not the only reason I’m happy. Have you ever felt like you’re in the eye of a storm? Like the waves are bellowing hard but you just can’t

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