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Hellurr.. I must be more excited than you are over this post. Pardon me, when I think about my friends, I’m incredibly awed and grateful to God for blessing me so. How has your week been though? I hope you checked off all the items on your list this week. If not, let’s cruise on some old school while you get to work out a plan to get what’s left on the list done in the next few days of the week. Ocean drive by Lighthouse Family for the Fam!

Hellurr….turn up, it’s Friday!! Without stating the obvious, the weekend is around the corner and with it the relief and excitement that comes with the no-work-zone. That’s for the most of us who actually don’t take work into the weekend. If any song describes how I feel towards the weekend, it’ll be this Castle song I heard from The Huntsman. Been listening since I saw the movie. Lovely by the way. So I’ve always heard about Hans and Rene and their signature flavours. I heard friends drool over the Agbalumo

Hellurr…so pictures have been flying all over the internet on the MET gala best dressed. I’ve seen the domination of Balmain on the red carpet by the Kardashian family and Beyoncé’s aura sweep the floor, but I’m more interested in the not so popular stars. Among them are some really dope outfits. After all, if the Kardashians and the Carters don’t show up to a party, we’ll still see some nice outfits right? Since we’re not featuring le boo Beyoncé on the best dressed list, let’s hear her play her Blue

Hellurr…I can understand why your interest is spiked right now. Infidelity! Despite the sad fuel situation in the country, it’s okay to just take a break and read a blog. Lol. I love coming to you with topics that make you want to keep reading, I love writing. And most importantly, at the risk of sounding cheesy, I love you guys…really. *wide grin*. I could only think of Sam Smith’s ‘I know I’m not the only one’ for this post so there you go. You may catch me a few

Hellurr… In a matter of hours we’ll be celebrating our risen Lord. Not only will we be marking such unprecedented feat, it’s the must needed holiday we all have been crying out for. Long nights, late movies, late breakfast, I’m drooling already. Meanwhile I’m back to my insane love for Ed Sheeran, like I never left. Photograph for my lovely readers. Enjoy. So a certain young man woke me up on a fine Saturday morning to say he wanted to take me out for breakfast somewhere that was to be

Hellurr… Is it quiet around you or is it just me? Some of us still have bags under our eyes and could really appreciate some quiet and a little sleep. Thankfully its quiet here. How has your week been so far? Interesting I hope. Let’s make it a little more interesting with this number by my first music love, Celine Dion. Incredible. I got on a bus today and I had almost forgotten how much drama goes on in there. A woman was trying to dupe the driver by not

Hellurr…from the other side. It’s post-women day but I still want to celebrate all the women out there. Especially those purposefully working to reach their goals. I salute you. And the God who beautifully and creatively created us all. The more I Things you listen to Vernon’s song, You covered me, the more I feel really grateful. And I’ve been listening to it a lot lately. You should too. The things you’ll feel. *sigh*. I’ve been asked a few times who I am or what things my blog represents, or

Hellurr… have I wished you a happy new month yet? Oh dear, happy new month! * WInk *. February was a lovely month. Let’s march forward this month! It’s already a great start for me as I was published on Huffington Post today! You can read all about it here. Don’t forget to drop a comment and show some love. Meanwhile, Ronan Keating says you should let me love you with this piece. *hugs* It’s March and everyone knows how much this month means to women. It’s easily tagged the women’s

Hellurr…it kinda feels cliché that we’re all writing about gift and love this season but hey, it’s what you expect though. While I’ll always say giving and loving shouldn’t be kept on the shelf till the 14th of February, and that valentine to some of us isn’t really much of a big deal, I understand it is to a whole number of you lovelies and so I thought to pick out some ideas for you so you don’t have to struggle with sending gifts. Meanwhile Taylor Swift’s Red is playing

Hellurrr sugar! On this side of the globe, it’s a warm and beautiful day! Too beautiful, I wonder how anyone could ever doubt there is an artistic God! I woke up and felt I needed fifty more hours of sleep…lool.. But alas I had to drag myself outta bed and get to work. Then I breathed in the morning freshness and I felt all is right with the world. Never mind oil price…hehehehe I had the most epic evening yesterday. A friend of mine and colleague in my church department

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