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Hellurr…How’s your monday going?? It may be a little far into the day but it’s never to late to serve you your special, well tailored slice of MANday. For some reason I’m really excited about this post. I cant explain it but when I see a stylishly dressed man, I pay 50 shades of respect! And I just saw one. Can we have some No air sound track right now? Thank you. Not many people can dare to pull off the sneakers on suit trend, yet it’s one look that

Hellurr… It’s MANday!! And more excitingly, it’s valentine week!! I know majority of the guys are not half as excited as I am and I’m wondering why. Can’t possibly be because of the gifts yea, cos I believe you’ll be receiving gifts as well. I’m excited about the week as much as I am about writing this piece. How was your weekend though? Great? Mine was lovely. Which one of you ran the marathon?? I heard it was quite an experience. I’m listening to this amazing piece and I’m feeling like

Hellurrr…Can you smell it? The freshly baked month delivered to your doorsteps? Or the juicy MANday edition you’re about to be served? It’s February guys!! And the 30th edition of the MANday series! Make no mistakes guys, our best days are well ahead of us. It’s quite amazing how far we have come in the first month of the year 2016 and we are quite positive that the rest of the year will go even better. Can I get an Amen? Yes! Reekado Banks has this cool song Sugar baby.

Hellurr beautiful people!! How was your weekend? Between the amazing time in church and the buffet I had with friends at BLD Lekki, (Reviews will come later), I had the most fun this weekend! Now it’s MANday and though we’re sitter behind a desk or a computer at work, you’ve got to have your weekly dose of men fashion goodness. Hellurr Agbada! Meanwhile have you heard Obiwon’s latest song, Bunibe?? Ahh please click and listen now..thank me later. I haven’t stopped listening. Too lovely! The Agbada has been in for

Hellurr Fellas!! Happy Monday yea?? Well it’s about to get more colourful in a Pitti Uomo kinda way. So sip a bit of chilled juice and wait for it. In the mean time, allow the incredible Timi Dakolo cater to you with this amazing number, Wish Me well. Last week was an interesting time especially on social media as Pitti Uomo dished out creative and equally inspiring menstyle. Based in Florence, Italy, Pitti Uomo is a trade show featuring the latest collections that menswear brands have to show to potential

Hellurrr…baby boys and girls!! A happy, joyous, sugary 2016 to you all!!! It’s already 11 days I know, but the year is still all shades of new. Most of us have resumed at our offices, in our office gear, on site, and some are still chilling at home in peejays…hmmm. Well it should be so, we should get moving cos the train already left the station. This year, we make no excuses and leave no stone unturned. Lord, I sound like my father. lool. Have I talked to you this

Hellurrr…busy weekend? Tell me about it. But this week will be pretty chilled for most of us yea. It’s the holiday week people! So hang in there, whatever your age, Santa is on the way. Hehehe. What plans do you have for the holiday though? Whatever it is, try not to spend unnecessarily, January is waiting around the corner to laugh at some folks. Don’t let it happen. Spend wisely. Meanwhile, I’m listening to Bez, You suppose know by now…join in! It’s no news that I love to write. About anything

Hellurrr…it’s 11days to Christmas!! Who’s excited?? Yea I’m not as excited as I was as a 10 year old with cheap shoes, but I’m excited no doubt. 2015 has been a good year. Lord, I’m thankful. 2016, bring it on! Who’s ready? Get your suit out, your goals running, your zeal topped up, cos 2016 is closer now than we first believed. And it aint waiting for no one. Meanwhile, I’ve been musing over this lovely piece, Heartboxing, by Jimmy Nevis. Let me know what you think. Now it’s my

Hellurrrr….my goodness!! Am I glad to be back or what? It’s been a hectic couple of days!! Not only was it crazy, it was blessed fun!! So I had to chill off blogging for a few days cos it woulda been a lil too much. The Experience Lagos was a blast! It was God’s gift to us really. Despite the many things that could go wrong it still went on as one of the best experiences yet! Can someone thank God with me? Thank you!! It’s christmas already and thanks

Hellurrr…who’s ready for the new month??? Can you smell December already? God has been faithful really. And to think 2015 just started the other day. Have you achieved all you set out to do this year though? If not well, you still have 31 more days so get to it! December will be better than the past months by God’s grace. Amen. Also who’s excited about the Experience?? Of all the trends, this is one I have enjoyed following! If you don’t already know, Experience is a world-class musical concert,

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