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Hellurr…Happy new month Fam!! Hope we’re easing beautifully into the month. How has the holiday been? I’ve had quite a busy weekend. While it really hurt me that I missed the fashion cookout I was so looking forward to and Jazz festival, I was glad I got to attend the other events I attended. We’ll talk about that at a later post. It’s MANday and we’ll be serving all shades of polo and suits. In the meantime, let’s reminisce on Ocean drive by Lighthouse. I miss them. So the weather

Hellurr…can we take a minute to just pray, that the heat won’t get the better of us and turn us black? Amen! This is most likely the best time to take a chilled out vacation, but work and my bank account won’t let me be great. *sigh*. On a cooler note, who has listened to Timi’s new song ‘the vow‘? No words! It was on replay all through last weekend and today I can’t get enough. Had to send him a DM on Instagram, he’s singing at my wedding!…so help

Hellurr…sometimes MANday gets served in the evenings. Change is a welcome spice. lol. How has your day been? In this part of Lagos, it rained like tomorrow would never come! I had a difficult time leaving for work but thankfully I did. And it has been one hell of a Monday, but come rain or gloomy moods, we will be thankful. Today, we’re singing Chandelier, along with the talented Sia. You know I’ve consistently followed men fashion? Yes, I have. I still have a lot to learn but I’m proud

Hellurr…the rains are back!! I know a lot of people who have spent the last few days jumping on their ceilings because the rains are back. Of course we can’t blame them, the heat these past month has been almost suicidal. It’s almost like we stole the Sun’s bae from him and he’s vexing real bad. Anyway welcome rain! For some reason I thought of this Kelly’s song, Train on a track and I thought to share. Hope you love it. Now the rains are here, can we then adjust

Hellurrr…how grateful are you to see such a beautiful week?? While I’m still relieving the gorgeousness designers served us at the AMVCA last weekend, I’m excited about the prospects of the new week. Are you? I’m still on a John Legend high, so let’s serenade our MANday morning with this lovely piece. I’ve loved this song for the longest time. This Time. Let me know if you like it in the comment section below. For some reason I feel the need to push someone to stop giving excuses and take

Hellurr….who else is excited at the Oscars winners  last night? I am!! Leo won!!!! I wish you could hear me scream. Sadly I couldn’t watch it live, but first thing this morning I had to check. And imagine my excitement when I saw that our main man Leonardo DiCaprio won! Whoever says patience, consistency and hard work doesn’t pay off should look Leo in the face now.  Let’s dance to story of my life by One Direction, just because. *Sigh*. Now away from the excitement, can we take a look

MANday 32: Akwa LookBook

meanswear lookbook

Hellurr…one of the things I look forward to on Mondays is MANday. The styles, lookbook, trends could be quite exciting to write about. Sometimes though, the weather can get too hot and I’m not in the mood. lol. Did anyone have better weather this weekend? The heat was real. Maybe that’s why I was irritable this past weekend. Anyway it’s a new week and I’m positive it’ll be better than the week before, for us all. Who’s heard this song by Vashawn Mitchel? God my God. For that clean and

Hellurr…How’s your monday going?? It may be a little far into the day but it’s never to late to serve you your special, well tailored slice of MANday. For some reason I’m really excited about this post. I cant explain it but when I see a stylishly dressed man, I pay 50 shades of respect! And I just saw one. Can we have some No air sound track right now? Thank you. Not many people can dare to pull off the sneakers on suit trend, yet it’s one look that

Hellurr… It’s MANday!! And more excitingly, it’s valentine week!! I know majority of the guys are not half as excited as I am and I’m wondering why. Can’t possibly be because of the gifts yea, cos I believe you’ll be receiving gifts as well. I’m excited about the week as much as I am about writing this piece. How was your weekend though? Great? Mine was lovely. Which one of you ran the marathon?? I heard it was quite an experience. I’m listening to this amazing piece and I’m feeling like

Hellurrr…Can you smell it? The freshly baked month delivered to your doorsteps? Or the juicy MANday edition you’re about to be served? It’s February guys!! And the 30th edition of the MANday series! Make no mistakes guys, our best days are well ahead of us. It’s quite amazing how far we have come in the first month of the year 2016 and we are quite positive that the rest of the year will go even better. Can I get an Amen? Yes! Reekado Banks has this cool song Sugar baby.

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